A message of Thanks during this holiday season


New Recruit
Just wanted to express my appreciation to all the posters who have shared their information here over the years. With knowledge sourced almost exclusively from this board, I was able to land a position with an outstanding company back in the spring. I've since put about 90,000 miles enjoying my work and making a good income. Lots of lessons were learned (and still are every time I go back out) but I wanted to take the time and thank everyone here who posts/has posted their current and past experiences, even the truly awful ones :)

My two cents to any new individuals out there considering getting into OTR work: Rather than asking extremely broad and untargeted questions that have already been answered many times over in previous posts, go back and really dig into the info here. Everything you could possibly want to know about breaking into this industry is available here including companies to work for, earnings expectations, vehicle recommendations, etc. There are also CEO's and other people in hiring positions that also are active members of this board posting and have likely already replied with answers that you will find very helpful in landing that future job.

Another way you to help ensure your success is to educate yourself as much as possible. Read about the industry on OTR news sites, follow the social media of companies you might want to work for, and search for content by active drivers on Youtube working in roles you wish to hold to see just what their day to day really is like. By putting in the effort now, when you do have questions later on you will be asking the right ones, and making it much easier for the experts here and elsewhere to answer them.

I hope all of you here are blessed this week with family, food, and home time this Thanksgiving, wherever that might be. And to the ones who are out on the roads over the holiday, safe travels and thank you as well for all your hard work during these strange times. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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Little late for my post, hope you had a good Thanksgiving also. Its nice to see someone post what you did.

I have read this site for years also. Alot of great people here who has posted their experiences and great information for the new ones. I miss the retired guys and gals posting like we used to.
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