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45 minutes, God answers a mother's prayer


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You can go with the prayers, but my money's on hypothermia, which causes the body to put itself in a low power state - sometimes, for much longer than seems possible. That's why it's used for heart transplant surgeries - just sayin....


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The vast majority of those who "suffer" what this person lived though, die, period. That is a fact of science. The idea that a person is not dead until they are "warm and dead", is true. The fact that most of those who are warmed and dead, is also true.

One should always wonder why.


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7 billion of us on the planet, anyone else wanna say something, anyone, anyone.....ok, maybe 50.


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It's classic God of the Gaps. I don't know how x could have happened, it's a mystery. Everything I don't know or understand is caused by God. Therefor, God caused x. It's the Argument from ignorance logical fallacy. "I don't know, I'm ignorant, so this is how I'm going to explain it, and unless you can prove me wrong, I am right."

Lightening, earthquakes, storms, disease, volcanoes, the movement of the planets, movement of the tides. 2000 years ago gods threw lightening bolts from from sky. 1000 years ago the planets moved back and forth (the retrograde) because angels moved them along. 500 years ago disease was a punishment from God. 200 years ago we had no clue as to how or why there are so many different species of plants and animals on the Earth, therefor Goddidit. It's a long list of things caused by God or gods that are no longer attributed to God. Whenever there is a gap in scientific knowledge, it gets filled with God. When you do that, God becomes an ever-receding pocket of scientific ignorance that’s getting smaller and smaller as time moves on.

A more plausible explanation for the kid surviving is a combination of hypothermia and the 27 minutes of CPR that was performed on him.

Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson talks about the God of the gaps in an excerpt from from an interview with Bill Moyers.

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