2023 Hino IL6 engine shutdown


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This is a long shot but we are using a brand new enterprise rental that we cannot figure out how to bypass the automatic engine shutdown. On previous trucks, we were able to set the cruise and it would idle the trucks for as long as we like but can’t seem to get the same to happen with this new truck. Is there perhaps a button I should look for or is there another method outside of enabling cruise control? Thanks!


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2023 L6 has Cummins engine. They .. (enterprise) have an idle shutdown timer enabled. It’s a different engine than the old J08’s. They don’t want the truck to idle because it creates emission pollutants, also extended idling is horrible for the after treatment system. The only method I know of is to have the idle shutdown disabled with Cummins Insite software
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Congrats on the new truck! When bypassing the automatic engine shutdown, it's always a good idea to consult the vehicle's manual or reach out to the manufacturer for specific instructions. However, if you're looking to optimize your engine performance, have you considered checking out Cummins Programming?