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2016 Hino Starter OEM Replacement?


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Fleet Manager
My Hino 268 needs a new starter. Hino sell them for about $1000. I found some oem starters for about $230 but not sure if they will work. The site says they work with 2016 hino 268 but it seems there are some differences. -- The kilowatts for a hino starter is 4.8kw. The oem starter is 3.0 KW. Has anyone installed one of these DB Electrical Starters?

DB Electrical ROTA0459 Starter 11 Tooth Count 12V

  • Specs: Voltage: 12, Rotation: CW, Teeth: 11, KW: 3.0, Type: PLGR
  • Replaces OEM Numbers: HINO: 28100-E0310A LESTER: 19336
  • 1-year warranty protects you after your purchase
  • 100% New aftermarket Starter built to meet OEM specifications

Thank you....


New Recruit
I've installed a good many a DB starter. However never in a Hino. They don't looked to be the best quality compared to OEM but that said I've never had a problem with one yet. If it was mine i'd save the 750$.