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Mechanical 2014 258ALP P0045 no start


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I am currently dealing with a 2014 258ALP with about 330k miles. The driver reported that the truck was not making any power, wouldn’t take throttle, had black smoke rolling from the exhaust and began to overheat. He shut it down. I towed it back to the shop, and pulled the codes. It has P0045 VNT malfunction active, and an inactive overheat code, and inactive VNT malfunction code. I ran the test process on the VNT and it stepped and reported as expected, it didn’t appear to have any issues doing what it was commanded. I pulled the intake horn looking thing and didn’t feel any binding in the turbine shaft. I can clear the code and it immediately sets again. I did find that the down pipe had rusted through at the flange that connects to the 90degree elbow immediately behind the turbo. I removed it for the time being to eliminate any possibility of blockages that I couldn’t see.

I cannot get the truck to start now to try to duplicate the issue. It will catch for maybe a few revolutions and then die. Watching DX2 it appears that the fuel pressure is ramping up to commanded like i would expect it would. The truck was serviced about 2000 miles ago, but I erred on the side of caution and changed the fuel filter again. No change. I pulled the intake boot on the cold side of the CAC because it appeared extremely oily, and thought well maybe I do have a failed turbo, but it was dry inside.

I should mention that the DPF and EGR has been deleted. I have 2 others that have had the same software and hardware process done and have had great success with them.

Any thoughts on what I might be chasing here?

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have you checked the wiring for any rub through areas and also the grounds? I suspect your turbo is malfuctioning or the VNT linkage is not working properly, although you said the VNT checked out...hmmm.