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2012 Hino Box Truck


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Hi Guys,

New to the Forum and looking at buying us a new truck to help our other trucks take less usage.

We are looking at a 2012 Hino 268 and a 2012 FL with a Cummins. I was sure if anyone has had good or bad experiences with either, I do know the Cummins DEF are know for freezing up. But any insight of what way to go would be appreciated both trucks have under 150k and old Penske trucks. Looking to drive it about 50,000 miles a year.


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I don't know anything specific about the FL/Cummins combo. I am extremely familiar with the 2012 Hino though.

The biggest problem with the Hino is the burner system. It can be temperamental. It's health is directly affected by fuel injector health. The burner also needs maintenance every 75k. If it has had injectors put in it recently (like under warranty) and it's had burner maintenance done to it, then it'll be good to go for a while. If there's no service history, then things become more difficult.

PM me the VIN and I'll see what I can dig up.