2008 Hino 268 truck died running at 60 mph in heavy rain. Wont start back up after dying. problems after driving through heavy rain storms


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2008 Hino 268. Was driving to Texas via Kansas through heavy rain storms. Trk was driving and running fine. Was stopping at home(Wichita) for the night. Got 30 mins from home when the trk lost power and coasted to a stop and died. Wont start back up. Have fuel in the filter and at the fuel rails. After the rain stopped it did try to start once. Am loaded and have to get back on the road. Help would greatly be appreciated. Greasytshirt help me get back on the road before.


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I would check the pass through box at the rf corner of the firewall. It is behind the air filter housing. Peel back the passenger side floormat and see if the grey jute padding is soaking wet. If it is this in an indication that there is water getting into the pass-through box. It can come from a non sealed windshield. Remove the pass through cover, remove the connectors and inspect for water and or corrosion. Blow out the connectors if any mositure is found. Not positive this is where your issue is but it’s the first place I would look.
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