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2007 Hino 268 transmission issues, stuck in Florida


New Recruit
Got to Pensacola today to pick up a Hino 268 I won on at auction. Truck seemed very promising. My buddy is local and went over and put new batteries in her the other day and she fired right up no problem. The guys at the lot say the truck drove in there fine, and parked and sat for a year or so... In the glovebox was the history of inspections with nothing standing out that would raise an eyebrow.

Today I flew in to town and pulled the truck off of the lot. As I got around the corner the check engine light popped on and the truck entered limp mode.

I parked it in a big empty parking lot and messed with it a little bit. Would only go to limp mode above 2krpm. I found an old thread here from years ago that talked about the dump gate actuator sticking, and I was planning on messing with that tomorrow.

I waited for the traffic to die down, and went back this evening to move the truck to my buddies house to work on it in the morning. About a mile down the road it started to smell burning and I knew something wasn't right. As I stopped at the stoplight I decided it was time to pull over and check again.

Only one problem. The truck would no longer get in gear. I could get it in to reverse, but none of the forward gears would work.

I backed it in to a parking lot and shut her down. Looked under the truck and nothing on the transmission looked out of the ordinary visually.

Popped the hood and it was a masacre. All of the tranny fluid had blown out of the dipstick and covered the engine and the hood.

So now there she sits. I was planning on driving the truck back to California originally, but now I don't feel comfortable driving that far on a truck that's already showed some very questionable tendencies.

I've read in another thread here about Allison trans issues, and that a lot of them stem from electrical issues at the core. I have a multimeter with me and am willing to put in a little bit of work seeing if it's an electrical issue. It POURED rain between the time I pulled the truck out of the yard and the time we tried to drive the truck to my buddies house.

If it's not electrical or an otherwise easy fix, then I'm planning on calling around to find a salvage yard that might be interested in the truck. I only have a couple days to mess with her before I either have to get on the road, or scrap the truck and get a flight home.
It has a good engine and a good box, so I would figure it's worth something at least. Don't know if there's any heavy duty scrap yards nearby here though.

What are yalls thoughts?


Seasoned Expediter
That's a lot to respond to. If it derated as soon as the CEL came on, that leads me to believe it is probably in derate due to an engine issue rather than a transmission issue. I can not account for why it blew out the trans fluid out. Unless from sitting it got an air pocket somehow? If you start it and run it is it actively pushing fluid? If there is an electrical issue with the transmission causing a shift inhibt it will set the check transmission light. Seems to me like you have 2 issues going on here. The 2007 trucks have no DPR so really the only thing that is going to derate that unit that hard would be the turbo linkage binding or fuel. Sometimes with the turbo code (p0045) it sees the linkage binding, if you cycle the key multiple times sometimes it goes away temporarily, but usually that is a good indication it is a turbo issue. It's hard to daig with no codes and being 1500 miles away.. I'll pm you my number, if you have a question shoot me a text and ill respond when i can. If you feel like it after you get home safe send me a donation through paypal if you want.