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2006 Autocar Xpeditor - ISC 8.3 cuts out


New Recruit

I am brand new here and probably in the wrong area of the forum but I'm going to try anyway.

Run a 2006 Autocar Xpeditor rear-loader cab over garbage truck for my 1 man compost business. I'm new to Cummins anything so I'm learning as I go.
Cummins ISC CM850 is what comes up on Cummins Quickserve when I put in my serial #

The engine cuts out when I hit a decent sized bump/pothole.
It cuts out momentarily and then it continues running (sounds decent at idle and at speed otherwise) but it has thrown ABS code and CEL which I scanned
449 -Injector Metering Rail 1 Pressure high
2216 - Fuel Pump Delivery Pressure high

I replaced the fuel filters and reset the ECM by disconnecting the batteries.
Cleaned a ton of wires and connections that were easily accessible.

Fired her back up and went about 100 yards with cut-out/dash light condition returning...engine shut off

Does anyone have any experience here or can point me in the right direction?



Staff member
I would fire it up and wiggle and shake every bit of wiring you can get your hands on.