Canada 2005 Hino model 338


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Looking for feed back on the new hino. I have two new units.&i love them .13.5 mpg 3yrs full warranty.What more can you ask for??:)


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I looked at those...

can you supply details?
how long have you had them?
what are you running?
how are they equiped?

Dave C


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dock high= yes
sleepers=see below

Hino=Toyota heavy truck division
Hino also made the Toyoya T-100 pickup

Sizes from 14,000 GVW to 33,000 GVW
Engines are all Hino 175HP/220HP/260HP
Mack dealers seem to be picking
up the Hino line?

For the 33k model see:

26,000 gvw's look like $40-50k
33,000 gvw's $45-50k

Dealer in Dayton told me that Air-ride, air-brakes,
engine-brakes, colors etc would start comming on line
January '05 now that production has moved to the USA

Hino/Toyota USA is offering deals;
"The “Easy In” low-rate finance program offers $0 down payment,
six months with no payments, and then a 5.4% a.p.r. for a
60-month term for its entire vehicle line."


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look like cool trucks, being made by toyota they will probably be exctremely long lasting. question...that 45-50k that isnt ready to expedite is it? or more than likely just a cab and chassis?


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yes chassis
Stopped in Dayton dealer AM
He said $43,000 Base price for the 28,000 GVW
+ $4,000 for 33,0000 GVW