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    move post

    How do I get my post back to the top of the page???
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    move post

    how do you move your post to the top of the list?:confused:
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    Cents per mile

    If I drive a company own sprinter van and the owner pays for the fuel, maintanance etc... and I will be getting paid by the mile, how much would the average cent per mile be for driving company van.
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    inverter problem

    I have a 2000 w inverter. My microwave is 900w I put the microwave on and the inverter squeals and turns off power. I have to switch off and turn on the inverter to get power. What could be the problem?
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    70/30 split?

    I will be driving a company van and if the owner gets 70% and I get 30% and he is paying for fuel, tolls, maintenance etc. and I will be paying $50.00 a month for satellite, how good of a deal is this?
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    Running East Coast to West Coast?

    Just wondering if there are many vans getting loads runing from the east coast to west coast?
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    Need Info on A-Plus

    Anyone have any Info on A-Plus? Are they a good company to work for?
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    Need info. on A. Blair

    I am considering going to work for A. Blair. I did a search and they are all old post. Anyone out there working for them now. I am thinking of leasing a Sprinter from them. I have been expediting for 11 yrs and the company I work for is drying up. Will Blair keep me working. (loads) Thanks for...
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    Need information

    Need information: A. Blair out of Louisville, KY.and All-Types expediting out of Ft. Wayne, IN. Does any one out there have experience working with them as a Sprinter / Cargo Van Driver using their vehicle? How are they to work for?