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    A hairless what? Scientists solve chupacabra mystery

    that looks awesome. can I get one for the truck.
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    Places you hate to go

    jack berry where is that sign located
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    where is everone

    OK the pink one. I work for John Hernandez. We met before when you got back from your eye thing.
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    where is everone

    what truck are you in
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    where is everone

    need loads that are steady. some pre planning would be nice. I started in 3448 in october but went into 3450 between turkey day and xmas. now am back in 3448 and cannot wait to get out of it. **** co driver crap keep getting different people because nobody wants to work. waiting on a load trying...
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    where is everone

    OH so sorry
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    where is everone

    where is everyone. nobody ever posts on here.
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    Anyone see this yet?

    34 hour restart but you need 2 -12 midnight to 6 am consecutive off periods to use so it can put you off for a couple days wich is BS. we need to educate these fools and fight that bullsheeet
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    The "Never Ending" Story

    she just realized there are not enough hours left....
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    Wind Blows in Our Favor

    drove through it from south of chicago to neenah wisconsin then back to bolt term in toledo today just missed the racine tornado. it was hell trying to stay on the road. Also missed by a few miles tornado reports near dallas TX this past weekend. Now headed home on a bus because my wife had a...
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    Toledo OH

    bolt term day 1 of orientation done.
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    new to Bolt and expedited

    got orientation on the 18th and 19th. I am going to be driving for John Hernandez. Any info or tips that will be helpful. Wayne
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    New Truck/New Logos

    what year and miles and series? we had 2 2008s leased from penske at my last job hit about 95k had nothing but problems.
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    Well the sign of a good COMPANY

    what year. my last company had twin 2008s hit 95k and all hell broke loose. both trucks with major problems
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    Fitting name for this business in Buffalo

    ran ford parts out that way. that is EXACTLY how I read it laughed for a while. it still gives me a chuckle.
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    anyone looking for a driver

    thank you just read that
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    anyone looking for a driver

    live in central new york looking to drive a van/sprinter. I do have a class B with tank and haz med card expires in november. all about getting loads on time and making money