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  1. DollarSign

    Start off January with the One!

    It's that time everyone! 2020 is here and it's time to get ready for the new year. I'm already making some changes in the first few months and hopefully it will pay off. Well off to bed, I've got a morning delivery and picking up a load in the morning. Stay safe everyone and warm, lol.
  2. DollarSign

    December is the One to remember

    This is the last month of the year! Let's make it One to remember!
  3. DollarSign

    Midterm Election 2018

    We ALL better hope the Republicans win the midterm elections. If the Democrats win, we ALL are in trouble!
  4. DollarSign

    2020 Presidential Election

    Well I saw where Joe Biden is gearing up to run for President in 2020 :(. Dont need him or anyone else to run and we NEED President Trump to WIN in 2020! There were others that were running but haven't gotten a update confirmation on those. Just have to wait and see!
  5. DollarSign

    Verizon 5G

    The Mobile Phone Company will be the first to offer 5G. It's going to work and connect with everything!
  6. DollarSign

    The ONE in September

    It's the first day of September and time to enjoy the holiday weekend!
  7. DollarSign

    Happy Birthday Ntimevan

    Happy Birthday Ntimevan!
  8. DollarSign

    Detroit Train Station

    Well Ford Motor Co has finally bought the old Train Station. Bill Ford said its bothered him for years to see the building in the shape it's in. There going to renovate the building and hoping to bring Silicon Valley tech people to Detroit. Can't wait to see it finish. I just love old...
  9. DollarSign

    All NFL Teams 2018 - 2019

    Ok, started this as the draft is coming up as the New Year is a pond us. Hoping this year's NFL won't be disheartening to see as last year's was. Go Falcons!
  10. DollarSign

    New Year in Load One January 2018

    Happy New Year to everyone!:t9305:
  11. DollarSign

    Loves Travel Stop

    Hello to everyone! This is about Loves Travel Stop. Feel free to post anything about Loves and there Travel Stop!
  12. DollarSign

    TA/Petro Travel Center

    Hello to everyone! This is about TA/Petro Travel Center. Feel free to post anything about TA/Petro and there Travel Center!
  13. DollarSign

    Pilot/Flying J Travel Center

    Hello to everyone! This is about Pilot/Flying J Travel Center. Feel free to post anything about Pilot/Flying J and there Travel Center!
  14. DollarSign

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    I know this maybe a bit late/behind but I thought I would pass this along. For anyone who needs to keep the phone Samsung Galaxy Edge from timing out/going asleep. I've taken my phone to the Verizon store and they tap on the phone under setting and a new category pop up " Developer Options"...
  15. DollarSign

    XPO Logistics Ready To Buy Again

    I was watching Tv and flipping channels and saw Brad Jacobs. Mr. Jacobs said that coming soon they could acquire someone up to $7 to $8 billion dollars without adding debt to the company. He also said it could be soon. Wonder what's next and who?
  16. DollarSign

    It's August & Time To Get Rollin

    Let the good times start to roll!
  17. DollarSign

    April in Load One

    It's April everyone! Been busy the past few weeks! Can't wait to see what this month brings! Hope everyone has a Great month!
  18. DollarSign

    Parking at Walmart Stores

    Okay! Here you go! This is for everyone who needs to know what Walmart Stores allow and doesnt allow for parking during the day and night as well. Please provide any information like store#, city and state ect!
  19. DollarSign

    All NFL Teams 2017 - 2018

    It won't be long when free agency starts! It's March 9. Hopefully Atlanta will have a better defense!
  20. DollarSign

    Nascar 2017

    Only 49 days till the Daytona 500!