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    DRIVER Addendum to Owner provided contract

    Ok I have spent some time considering the matter of a contract that protects the driver. I have thought about it, and due to the nature of the sheer diversity of business models and contract terms utilized, a uniform contract is not really practical. What I have come up with is framework for...
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    What does the S&P downgrade Mean to us?

    Well no doubt you are all aware of the S&P downgrade of the fed debt, but what do you think that will do to the general economy and our business? The cost of borrowing is sure to go higher, but what of the effect on industry purchases (which we transport) and consumer confidence. (already...
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    Fleet Owners.... 2 Cents Worth

    What Makes a Good Owner (Part 1) The four key elements of a successful Driver/Owner relationship are: 1. Pay me. 2. Respect Me. 3. Listen to me. 4. Dont bug me. PART 1. PAY ME I have noticed that their are some recent posts concerning poor and/or dishonest fleet owners...
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    Truck stretching

    looking for a company or individual in or around Oaklahoma to stretch a tractor.... any recomendations? need about a 22 ft stretch.... Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    960 express cruiser... wheres the power?

    I recently purchased a 2006 sterling express cruiser with the 330 hp mercedes engine with the allison 6 speed. nice truck but quite frankly a dog on the road.... truck has 300k on it but seems to run fine. My question is wheres the power? I was hauling about 7.5k on i -44 in mo. and the...
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    Well time for something different......

    Thought i would inform the forum of my recent adventures to see what you guys thought of this. As you are all no doubt aware the expedite freight rates are in the toilet. It is almost impossible now to make a decent living. So in an effort to go down swinging I sold my truck....great truck I...
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    Top 5 things you can do to make money with FED EX

    1. Get a part-time job at Pilot. 2. Buy a can of aluminium polish so you can go truck to truck. 3. Park by the Plasma Center. 4. lay over at the mall with a red bucket and bell. 5. buy a taxi sign for the top of your truck, and park near airport.
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    thought i would update you all with the latest info on my saga as a new O/O. If you will recall i started with CTX on August 1, 2007. I ran about 7000 miles with them with ample sit time (stuck in Iowa and St louis total of 5 days). I really liked CTX as they really dont bother the driver at...
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    Low sulfur fuel

    Wanted to know if any of you are putting in 12 oz of vegetable oil per tank to combat the poor lubricating qualities of low sulfer fuel for older engines? Some old timers i talked to swear by it so i thought i would ask.
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    just wanted to ask what is a fair and equitable split if i wanted to add a co-driver. I want to be fair not rip someone off, with me paying all expenses. Also as a side note looking for a fellow cranky old ##### to laugh at the world from behind the wheel.:)
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    I wanted to get some feedback on my first long week expediting After running all the numbers for the last 8 days i got 2100 loaded miles 110 paid deadhead miles and 2450 odometer miles. The trips did not exceed 400 miles and had Chicago 3 times (ugg!) I grossed 2660.00 with FS and bought about...
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    A Mixed first couple of days with BIG QUESTION

    Signed on Monday with CTX rolling on Thursday. Had to take two loads for the team right off the bat, i guess to show I am a team player. Crappy run from Brighton MI to Grand Rapids MI, then Grand Rapids MI to Howell MI. Picked up a little on Friday with a high dollar run from Flint to Lansing...
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    well bit the bullet and put nitrogen in my 2002 volvo twin screw cost $ 100.00 for 10 tires done at belle tire on dix rd. in Detroit. took about an hour and 1/2.
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    I stepped off the cliff today......

    Well thought i would take a moment to share my news with the forum members. Took the plunge and bought my truck today..... After another bad experience with a dealer, where they sold the truck out from under me despite the fact that i had indicated interest and filled out the credit app. I was...
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    First Poor Experience

    Well I thought I would relate a situation that had occured last week concerning a used truck and a dealership. I spoke with a dealership concerning a good used truck. They sell a lot of expediter trucks, they had nothing in stock at this time that suited my needs for the price i was willing to...
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    Changing your GVWR

    Hello all.... first post here so let me take the opportunity to thank all the members for the excellent information posted in this forum. It has been an invaluable aid in understanding this industry. I have two questions involving the expediting truck i am soon to purchase. I would like first...