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  1. layoutshooter


    I am only on E.O. and my virus protection keeps informing me that it is blocking a "malware attack". It says it is a "Trojan Horse". Is anyone else seeing this? :confused:
  2. layoutshooter

    Locked up

    I got 'locked out' of EO today from 1040EST to 1045EST. Had to close every thing out and bring it back up to get on. Same thing as when I get locked out in the 1900EST hour.
  3. layoutshooter

    1900 est

    What is it with the 1900EST time and EO? Every day, I find that I am unable to do anything on EO between 1900-1910EST. Then, I have to log off and log on again to gain access. That is weird.
  4. layoutshooter

    Now what?

    It is bad enough that a large number of my posts get double posted. Now, when I delete them, they show back up again. Why? What is going on. I have scanned my computer for "bad things, several times and come up with nothing ever time. I have NO idea what is going on, any ideas?
  5. layoutshooter


    Any clue as to why I keep getting these random double posts?
  6. layoutshooter


    Mrs. Layoutshooter and I cannot be on E.O. at the same time when we are using our MiFi thing. Is this a problem on our end or is it an "anti-goober" setting at E.O. ?
  7. layoutshooter


    Mrs. Layoutshooter and I have noticed some problems in here lately and we have not idea if it is on our end, E.O.'s end or somewhere in between. We both lose connection and have to log in again on a regular basis. We have also noticed very slow reload times that leads to the "connection timed...