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  1. layoutshooter

    truck repairs

    OK, here is one for you fleet owners. What repair work do you require your drivers to do? I have heard some horror stories on this and would like to know what the norm is, if there is a norm. Looking forward to hearing from you as always. Layoutshooter
  2. layoutshooter

    not so newbie

    Ok guys, when do I get to be a not newbie?? I have been at this a year and I still seem to be making mewbie mistakes. I was told by a "C" reefer guy last week that his team averaged between 6-8 thousand a week this year. I must me newer than I thought I was. I just can't seem to make that much...
  3. layoutshooter

    RV Parks/Campgrounds etc.

    Has anyone ever tried to park at a RV park or campground with a straight truck? Do any allow them? Is there some sort of listing of those places that allow trucks? We would love to layover in the country sometimes, maybe fish or hike. Maybe get a break from the panhandlers etc. This is one of...
  4. layoutshooter

    alt fuel

    I have heard that Willie Nelson runs pure corn oil in his engines. Is that correct? If so, have they been modified at all? Does corn oil gel and if so at what temp? What kind of milage does it get? I saw in a post that a guy in here knows someone connected with Willie. I think it was...
  5. layoutshooter

    what size truck?

    Well people, I have been at this since last May. I have learned alot but not enough yet, that is, if you can ever learn enough. First thing I learned, this is a riot!! Most fun I have ever had. Second, I can earn a good solid living. Won't get rich but it beats the tar out of retail. Third, I...
  6. layoutshooter

    e track supplies

    I am looking for an on-line or real store to buy load securement supplies.I am looking for straps, corner protectors etc. I have also seen metal "collars" that go over load bars, they have e-track fittings on them. I think I heard of a place in Medina OH. Any help for me out there? Thanks, Joe
  7. layoutshooter


    I HATE stopping at toll booths!! I have been trying to look into EZPass, has anyone done this? It seems like you have to apply to each state, is this correct or is there a central place to get this service? Thanks in advance, Joe
  8. layoutshooter

    back in for a bit

    Been out for a 3 week shot this time. Had a lot of fun, lots of loads. We sat very little and most likely could have ran more. I am learning a ton and more than making a living. Why didn't you guys tell me about this 10 years ago? LOL. On the road again soon. Can't let the grass grow under the...
  9. layoutshooter

    I did it!

    HI everybody, Just back in off my first week on the road, thought I would check in here. Had a very good week, ran a ton, made money. The owner I drive for is a GREAT help. I just cannot believe how much fun I had. The freedom from that daily grind and a really bad boss. Looking out the window...
  10. layoutshooter

    Here I go!!!!

    Hello all, I want to thank everyone at E.O. for the site. I have decided to take the plunge. I will be turning in my notice at work on Thursday. I recogmend that all watch out in two weeks when I start, I am a newbie you know. I picked up a lot hints and ideas in here, even found a truck owner...
  11. layoutshooter


    I am getting ready to start driving in the next 3-5 weeks. I have been looking at GPS and other cool stuff. I come from a high tech backround so I like those toys. I have seen things that talk about *Bluetooth*. I am no familar with that system. What is it? Will it help me in anyway? On another...
  12. layoutshooter

    looking for info

    My wife and I are considering expediting and are looking for advice on how to start. We know very little and are looking for real straight, honest input. Our jobs are dead end and we need a change. The kids are gone so we can be. Thanks in advance. Joe