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  1. layoutshooter

    Free country?

    It would seem that, assuming this story is correct, that parents no longer have the right to raise their children as they seem fit. The crime? Allowing their kids to walk to the park, alone. Geez, we were everywhere, alone, when we grew up. There should be more kids out, running around, without...
  2. layoutshooter

    Clothes Pins

    I broke out the clothes pins today. We split a gallon of 120 proof bourbon. Mrs. Layoushooter and I voted, and delivered our ballots to the township office. What a sad day. NO ONE worth a grap worth voting for, as per normal. Just MORE of the SAME OLE, SAME OLE, just Demoncrats and...
  3. layoutshooter

    Interesting Developement

    This is interesting. A woman truck driver in Michigan is suing the UAW. She is claiming the the union is using coercion in it's attempts to stop her from leaving the union. They are requiring her to show up at the union hall and present a photo ID to prove she is who she says she is. Funny...
  4. layoutshooter

    This should............

    This should scare the pants off of any freedom loving person. Al Sharpton Says He's Helping The White House Pick The Next Attorney General "The Rev. Al Sharpton said his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, is "engaged in immediate conversations" with the White House as...
  5. layoutshooter

    Holder LEAVING!

    Eric Holder is RESIGNING as Attorney General. Now it is a wait an see who the commie in chief appoints to replace this evil bum. No doubt who ever it is will be as bad, or worse. Attorney General Eric Holder to Resign "According to the official, "Attorney General Holder has discussed his...
  6. layoutshooter

    The right idea!

    These people KNOW how to handle "lawmakers". We should do the same here. They have EARNED it! Trash should always be disposed of properly. Raw: Ukraine Lawmaker Thrown in Trash Bin - YouTube
  7. layoutshooter

    Very interesting article

    I found this to be quite interesting. A ‘classical liberal’ solution to our current economic malaise"The progressive constitutional revolution of the New Deal has proved itself to be an economic, political, and institutional failure insofar as it is no longer able to sustain either strong...
  8. layoutshooter

    Really funny!

    Got this in an email today! It is FUNNY!
  9. layoutshooter

    Why we carry

    This story points out, rather clearly, the reason that many people carry a firearm for protection. Her "use" of the firearm would be considered illegal in Michigan. What she did is considered "brandishing". There is a move on right now to change the law to allow this type of "use" of a firearm...
  10. layoutshooter

    Anyone else?

    I heard ONE report on the radio stating that Homeland security has issued a warning about a credible threat of a major terrorist attack on the southern border. It also stated that England as raised it's threat alert to the highest level and that Obama is cutting short a weekend trip to return to...
  11. layoutshooter

    Where is it?

    OK, where is the outrage? The justice department demanding a "fair" investigation? Where is the media, frothing at the mouth, over the horrible injustice? AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! The bias continues. Can anyone even imagine the outrage if Sheriff Joe Arpaio had put HIS service weapon into the...
  12. layoutshooter

    And then

    Reportedly unarmed white man, shot by a black policeman, and there is little notice? We have been told that Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Barrack Obama, and many others, are "Civil Rights Leaders". BUT: A reportedly unarmed white man, is shot by a black policeman under unknown...
  13. layoutshooter


    EVERY time I think I can't be more disgusted by people, I am reminded that I have yet to see it all. She steps on a child, put's the kid in a tub, and LEAVES! And she is ONLY charged with manslaughter and child endangerment. The woman was a LICENSED child care worker. AND you can bet your...
  14. layoutshooter

    Ding dong!

    DING DONG! The witch................
  15. layoutshooter

    How to Succeed

    A new thread to avoid hijacking others. How to succeed, regardless of race, color, sex, religion etc. Why is it that so many believe that black men/women cannot succeed in the so called, "White world"? They can, and they do. MILLIONS can, and do. Yes, there are roadblocks, but I contend...
  16. layoutshooter

    This is funny!

    You just have to love the hypocrisy of Germany. They got all bent out of shape when they found we were "spying" on them. Of course, they "spy"on us all the time and they just got caught "spying" on NATO ally, Turkey. It's all in the game. German spying report angers Turkey, embarrasses...
  17. layoutshooter

    It CAN be doneQ

    You have to admire this young man's attitude. If he carries that attitude into the work force he will go a VERY long way! He found a way to get it done. He decided that he was an adult and would make it on his own. How very refreshing. IF I were in a position, looking to hire an entry level...
  18. layoutshooter

    This is interesting

    An interesting take on just ONE of the world's "problems". Here's What Can Be Learned From The Putin-Hitler Comparisons Here's What Can Be Learned From The Putin-Hitler Comparisons - Business Insider
  19. layoutshooter

    It is getting OLD!

    It is just getting old. Now, assuming this story is correct, what in the world can we do with this 12 year old? This is so sad and so disgusting. Boy dies after playground stabbing by 12-year-old "KENTWOOD, Mich. (AP) — A 9-year-old boy repeatedly stabbed by a 12-year-old at a Michigan...
  20. layoutshooter

    Our Media in Action

    CNN can sure pick their anchors. It would seem that this women has NO problem drinking, where it is illegal to drink, and then attacking and "BITING" the two EMT's who were trying to assist her. WAY to go Arwa Damon, and special kudos to CNN for hiring such fine, upstanding, people. CNN...