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  1. layoutshooter


    Where does one go to get a truck appraised to determine it's current value? I know you get a "survey" for a boat, what is there for trucks?
  2. layoutshooter

    ALMOST done

    Got my truck back from the shop. Two weeks of work took three and it is not yet complete. The headlight harness has been replaced. The dashboard is done, and 99% of the rattles are gone. Looks a ton better. We have ONE remaining problem, the suspension dump switch does not work. They cannot...
  3. layoutshooter

    Looks interesting

    Take a look at this Yahoo!
  4. layoutshooter

    AC problems

    OK, I am in AZ, it's HOT and my AC is out. :mad: I am talking about the truck AC not the APU. I had it in a shop last week. They checked the freon levels and it was down. It was at 2.76 when 3.50 is required. I had them vacuum out the system, do a leak test and refill the system. It passed the...
  5. layoutshooter

    MBE Fault Code

    What is a fault code of 6H 164 all about. Went out to start the truck this morning and was greeted with it.
  6. layoutshooter


    I had a coolant leak fixed while I was home. I walked out to the truck yesterday and there was coolant all over the ground. I went under the hood and tightened every hose clamp I could find, that did not stop the leak. It was a steady drip. SO, since I had a rental car I went over to "All...
  7. layoutshooter

    Ticked off!!!!!

    This past Monday I took my truck into the shop for required maintenance on my reefer. It passed all tests. PM was done, new belts etc. Everything was HUNKY DOREY. I JUST now went out to start it, getting ready to leave for a pick up. It does not start. NOTHING! NO lights, NOTHING!! No shops...
  8. layoutshooter

    12V vs dual voltage

    Other than possibly wearing out batteries quicker is there any real need for a dual voltage refrigerator vs. a 12V one?
  9. layoutshooter

    APU with or without

    What are the advantages or disadvantages between an APU that has a generator and one that does not? Besides not being able to hook it up and run my house when ice storms hit.
  10. layoutshooter


    We are stuck for the weekend. The truck was not really able to be run any further. I used 5 QUARTS of power steering fluid in 24 hours. When I checked it into the shop they found it has a recall notice on it as well. SO, here we sit. Just north of Indy. May look up one of my old spy buddies...
  11. layoutshooter

    Fed up & disgusted!

    MY APU went dead, AGAIN! This time they say cracked head or head gasket. That is bad enough. What is worse is NO ONE CALLS ME BACK! No idea what cost for repair is. NO idea what the cost of replacing an engine would be. I called another place about a NEW or used one. Never returned my call. I...
  12. layoutshooter

    APU Questions

    My APU quit again, even after the 1K I spent fixing it. Two questions 1. There was a driver who put a used RigMaster on from a place in IL. I was wondering how that was working out? Does it do the job in the heat? Any Problems? 2. Has anyone had any experience with the HP2000? It reads good...
  13. layoutshooter

    Problem found

    They found the problem with my lift axle and the air leak. One of the bags that raise and lower the axle blew out. Having both replaced. If one is bad the other is not far behind.
  14. layoutshooter

    APU question

    Other than an Onan with a roof mount AC/Heat strip is there any APU that will provide AC/heat by plugging into shore power when available or by running the APU engine when not?
  15. layoutshooter

    APU's & biodiesel

    I was just reading the spec the APU put out by 'Go Green" APU's. They are the bunch out of Altoona, PA, that bought the rights to "BlackRock'. In the specs they say that their engine can handle biodiesel up to a 5% blend. I don't recall seeing biodiesel blend info on other APU specs. Does...
  16. layoutshooter

    Headlight bulb replacement ?

    Has anyone in here ever dealt with the company linked below? If so, were they could? How did the lamps hold up. I am looking at the 9005/6SX in either the Super Bright in 5500-6000K, OR, the Diamond Blue Night vision. I am OUT of replacements, used the last 9006SX today. I need to stock up...
  17. layoutshooter

    ANOTHER air leak

    I have my truck in the shop, again, for another air leak. I just talked to the shop and, surprise surprise, it's an AMU leaking. I bet that Freightliner will be shocked if I never buy another one of their junk trucks. They KNOW that these parts are bad, they refuse to fix them. Does anyone...
  18. layoutshooter

    Steer Tire Rotation

    It is time to rotate my steer tires. These are a bit different than the last ones. The last ones were 'directional' tires. To rotate those I had to have them taken off the rims and rotated. Can these 'non-directional' tires need broken down or can they just be switched from side to side?
  19. layoutshooter

    Power Problem

    I need help. My inverter cut out today. I lost all power to the fridge, computers, microwave, etc. I messed around and threw a switch on the inverter and power came back up. I have a cut off inside, connected to a green lighted switch. That switch and light is not working. If I run the APU I...
  20. layoutshooter

    Tire pressure gauges

    My tire gauge has given up the ghost. Are there any out there that are better than others? I looked at the Petro today, they want almost $26 for the heavier one. Looking for hints.