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  1. layoutshooter

    I94 in MI

    WB I94 is closed in Allen Park, MI due to a tanker truck accident. 1000 gallons of diesel as been spilled on the road. The entire area is also experiencing freezing rain. My driveway and the road in front of my house is a sheet of ice right now. I cannot speak beyond that, I ain't goin...
  2. layoutshooter

    Avoid I75 south of Monroe

    Southbound I75 is closed at exit 9 in MI due to a accident. Traffic on alternate routes, M125 and US24 is heavy and there is some blowing snow. Long backup on SB I75. It's a mess. I-75 south closed after tanker truck overturns |
  3. layoutshooter

    Getting Closer

    Getting closer to being finished with our expediting career. XM radio has been cancelled, as are pre-pass and easypass. Things are moving right along. It will be nice to get this all finished, the truck sold etc.
  4. layoutshooter

    Life Changes

    Due to circumstances, beyond our control, Jan and I have made the decision to end our expediting career. My Dad, needs help, Jan's Mom may soon need it as well. Add to that a number of other factors and it's time to leave. We have a lot to do over the next few weeks, job interviews, looking...
  5. layoutshooter

    Avoid the Southfield!

    Avoid the Southfield Freeway in Detroit for the next few days. It is closed between Joy and W. Chicago due to a collapse of a pedestrian overpass. No vehicles seemed to have been hit when it fell, but, there may have been people on it when it came down.
  6. layoutshooter

    I75 Closed

    I75 is closed north of Detroit starting at exit 56B due to heavy flooding. Both north and south bound lanes are closed. Much of I696 is also closed. Check Traffic report on Traffic Authority - Fox 2 News Headlines for further updates throughout the morning. You can also check here MDOT - Mi...
  7. layoutshooter


    Are we sure it is not the week before Christmas? I just cannot get over, one, how few load offers we have seen, and two, how poorly they are paying. IF this were to continue it would not pay to stay in business for sure.
  8. layoutshooter

    I-15 Closed

    I-15, near Hesperia, CA is closed. Part of an overpass caught fire and collapsed. I-15 closed by Ranchero Road bridge fire, overpass collapse in Hesperia I-15 closed at Ranchero in Hesperia due to bridge fire |
  9. layoutshooter

    Spring Weather

    The spring weather, which had been rather clam so far this season, has heated up. There were as many as 31 tornadoes across the south yesterday. Today it seems that the I40 corridor from Memphis to Nashville, is likely to get with severe weather. The I40 corridor is a busy one for many in our...
  10. layoutshooter

    Spring in Michigan

    Tried to delete this post, it would not let me. It was an old report with a new date on it.
  11. layoutshooter

    E.o. Works!

    Hey! E.O. works again! Got to meet up with Kickstarter6! Had a nice long chat, some coffee and now have ANOTHER face to a name. LOVE this site!
  12. layoutshooter

    High Wind Warning

    There is a high wind warning for all of SE Michigan and they have hit. Sustained SW winds at 20-30 with gust over 50. Those winds will be cross winds on north-south running roads so be careful. It is HOWLING outside. At least it is warm now, it's 47.
  13. layoutshooter


    Running up I90 in PA, just passing Lake Erie. Ice as far as the eye can see. I never saw this side of the Lake frozen when I lived here. Nice to see! I can only imagine how the the steelhead fishing is through ice on Presque Bay is this year. It's all best in cold years.
  14. layoutshooter

    Kenley Weather

    There are some pretty heavy storms around the Kenley, NC, area right now. Gusty winds, heavy rain and some lighting. No hail yet. Good time to be sitting still if you are around here.
  15. layoutshooter

    Area weather

    The weather around here is going down hill. Thunder storms, with snow and sleet mixed in. Will turn to all rain later, lots of rain and highs around 45. There is the potential for flooding with the rain and snow melt. Then this evening through tomorrow there are high wind warnings up. Winds...
  16. layoutshooter


    Watch out for the weather in SE Michigan and NW Ohio. We lost internet and cable TV due to high winds and heavy snow for several hours. Stay home and enjoy life!
  17. layoutshooter

    When is the Expo?

    What are the dates for this years Expo? Still at the same place?
  18. layoutshooter

    Weather update

    Be careful if you find yourself in SE Michigan over the next couple of days. Roads are bad. High winds, snow and drifting snow. Lows the next couple of nights are going to be well below zero, again. IF you don't NEED to come into this area, don't. Things should improve by Wed or Thurs.
  19. layoutshooter

    Monroe County MI

    Officials in Monroe County Michigan are telling people to stay off the roads today until at least noon. Drifting snow is making road impassible in some areas. They are saying if you get stuck it could days several hours, or longer, to reach you. There are thousands of cars stranded across the...
  20. layoutshooter

    SB I75 Closed

    SB I75 closed at Alexis road in Toledo due to a wreck. Back up into Michigan. One alternate route, Dixie HWY, is closed near Erie due to heavy drifting. Snow drifting is SO bad in the Dundee, MI, area that officials have brought in two military 6X6 trucks and a humvee to provide emergency...