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    Driving solo straight truck for fleet owner

    I live in north Chicago 20 minutes from the T/A in Russell,IL. I have a class A CDL with hazmat and tanker endorsements. Only interested in solo driving. Willing to stay out 3 weeks at a time BUT ONLY LOOKING FOR INFORMATION right now. Is it likely I will find a fleet owner if I don't want to team?
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    Class B, C, D

    I thought I had this figured out but then I confused myself again. As long as you stay within the GVWR of your vehicle, B carries 2 pallets, C carries 3 and D carries 4 plus (depending on box size). So what class does a Penske cube van fall into? And what class does 25,990 fall into?
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    L-arginine for poor circulation

    I have very poor leg circulation. Mid calf down is purple on both legs. I started using L-Arginine about a year ago and the dark discoloration has improved to become lighter with some white areas. Look it up on Web MD. 500 mg, 50 count is $4.00 at Walmart. I built myself up over time to taking 2...
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    What is the negative side of expediting?

    I'm considering the move from semi to CV expediter. What are the negatives I can expect to encounter?
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    If you park at the T/A in Russell, IL....

    I live 20 minutes from the T/A in Russell, IL and would like more insight into expediting. Send me a pm if you will be in the area with time to kill.