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  1. outandbout


    Material posted not relevant to topic.... Ken
  2. outandbout

    Question Regarding Whirlwind Express

    He claims that WW is an independent agent and has taken over WW's customer base. Well, Conway Now sold their customer base for at least 7 million. It is also peculiar that one person owed 11 G's was paid $265 as an exaggerated attempt to act like they are trying so hard to pay. Oh, and going...
  3. outandbout

    Question Regarding Whirlwind Express

    Levi has already explained the pay to you when you signed on with WW, and then CLEARLY explained to you again before your first dispatch. Paperwork must be submitted PROPERLY! | Facebook
  4. outandbout

    10,001 gvw ?

    Probably it was just a guy getting a kick out of disrespecting you while showing off to the [buddy] drivers and fellow employees in the office with him. Trust me, it happens:(... from Maumee, OH to Ft. Wayne, IN.
  5. outandbout

    warrning bad owner

    I won't get into it too much with information about this company, but I will tell you that the company is owned/operated by a former Harvey, IL police officer. I will also take the liberty to give you a link to the landing page of the company's website (possibly designed by Xara Web Designer)...
  6. outandbout

    Warning Bad Driver!

    Macropoint facilitates location tracking of a driver's cell phone by using the GPS on the phone for one thing. Mobile Fleet Management, Real Time Location Tracking: MacroPoint
  7. outandbout

    Warning Bad Driver!

    I definitely agree to that! Boy i feel like im in my A-Hole mood today. Nah just wish people had/used more common sense. No Problem.
  8. outandbout

    Warning Bad Driver!

    Further to this: My only issue with a carrier charging for the background check instead of being silent and just doing it behind the scenes is that the contractor should have the same right to background check the carrier' personnel. What would a company owner say when the contractor asks for...
  9. outandbout

    Warning Bad Driver!

    One thing for sure is that if I was a lawyer and the guy was willing to hire me, he would definitely lose his case in court having my representation. OTOH, I hope that he does lose and the reason I know is because of what I am. You can't do sumpin' to somebody for being just what they are...
  10. outandbout

    Warning Bad Driver!

    First, I actually believe your story about the guy disappearing with your freight for 18 hours and abandoning it. It is awful that someone would represent their company, self, and fellow drivers in such a manner. Luckily for us expediters, people that behave like this are not rampantly amongst...
  11. outandbout

    I increased my trucks blue book value

    Way to go good buddy! I hope the positive attitude helps your business as well. I had the opportunity to fuel up this evening, but chose to leave the tank on the one-quarter mark as to keep my credit card debt down. I also know that if that bi**ch gets totaled this weekend that the insurance...
  12. outandbout

    usage fee

    If you are not leasing the equipment and the person you drive for is having control over your operation even as simple as determining how long you are supposed to stay out before going home, then you should print and fill out IRS form ss-8 to be reclassified as an employee. Link...
  13. outandbout

    I increased my trucks value

    I increased my truck's value too. I put myself in my Chevy Express to care for and deliver the customer's freight to Baltimore with the proven character and responsibility required to handle the task. The funny thing is that most carriers do not care at all until something goes wrong and they...
  14. outandbout

    Who's the Customer? Thank You Customer for being the Customer

    A new day begins and here I am, for it is only a typical day. All days are typical anymore. The thing is that I love typical days as it is still better than a homeless person and I still take in several things new every one of them. Maybe today will be one of my Walmart trips that I am so...
  15. outandbout

    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    Interesting but I don't find this on google. If you are going to say something about someone then I think ou should post a Linley to prove validity. I hope that you are not making stuff up to damage someone. I will say the responses by peterh are less than professional in my opinion. Now I do...
  16. outandbout

    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    It just has taken me a little longer than some other companies to get out of the rut from last year. We will not be going out of business and rest assured we will continue to grow and make other companies jealous of our continued exsistance. I started the Independant contractor model in the...
  17. outandbout

    T & k

    OMG! I still cannot get over this post. Why don't you go by and get your money then. Actually, why don't you just Google search the owner/VP's name and then you will find the newspaper article with his home address so you can stop in, turn in your paperwork and have some late-night Baileys...
  18. outandbout

    T & k

    Everyone please keep in mind that T and K is a company that is fully endorsed by Sylectus and it is not by mistake. Remember, it is your responsibility, as per your contract, to turn all ppwk in to TandK billing so that the company may secure payment from the customer. No paperwork and TK...
  19. outandbout


    I don't know of this company, but I do know that you can't just listen to anothers complaint and consider it the gospel. With this said, I recommend that you give T and K out of New Lenox/Joliet Il area. There are a few bad apples that give these guys a bad name, but I will tell you right now...
  20. outandbout

    Supposed non force dispatch.

    Basically, all you have to do in this situation if you are a cargo van contractor is remain unemotional, calm, and professional as you always have. At the next pause, scream back.... Hey, I know my rate is .88cpm, but that is only for the loads that I accept from your .88cpm bottom feeding...