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    T&K Trucking

    Who are you? If you know me so well why don't you calle?
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    Meteorite got me good. Knocked out my phone lines for two days..
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    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    yeah I would give it to the Independent Operator and hold mine for another load. There is rarely a time my 3 units are in the same area of any others unless there in laredo. I have 3 units that I own in case your interested. You are a cheerleader i see. grow a pair please and talk about your...
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    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    I dont pay a lot of attention to this web site or the BS that is written on it either. A bunch of low lifes you are with nothing better to do than create debates on who is doing what and thinking you know what they are doing. All I have to say is mind your own business and get a LIFE. I have an...
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    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    Yeah I would give the load to the unit that was sitting there the longest. Bottom Line. Dont talk about what you dont know. Once you drive for me then talk smack all you want. Looks like you need a job because you blog more than you drive.
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    T & K Nationwide Trucking

    Michelle would never tell anyone some of the comments you have said. We dont work like that. I invite you to call me directly so you can fully understand what is going on here at T&K 708-743-4586
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    Call me direct if you have any issues with my company please. 708-743-4586

    Call me direct if you have any issues with my company please. 708-743-4586
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    Which Companies do not require a CDL?

    Thank You for your kind words.
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    If Expeditors lets you see their load boards they are wrong and could loose their contract with Chrysler. Watch what you do for your personal gain on the backs of others.
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    I see people can talk about a company or anything else thats suits the blogger for the day. But an easy way to find out whats going on with a company is to call the owner. Call me anytime. 815-463-9710
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    Why Does TriState ask this question?
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    Which Companys Do Not Require a CDL To Drive A Cargo Van ?

    T&K does not require a CDL to operate Cargo Vans.:)