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    Driving solo straight truck for fleet owner

    Well I'm back driving T/T again. I started last week doing linehaul out of Bensenville, IL. Already looking for another job. The new HOS is going to kill this job since I usally start between 9PM and midnght.
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    TA/Petro Shops

    T/A shops open 24 hours, road service usually available 24 hours, most have a 24 hour restaurant where you can wait. I never had anything stolen from inside my truck unlike dealerships or even company garage. My experience as both company driver and O/O has been positive with T/A. Never really...
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    Blast from the past

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    10 MPG in a Tractor Trailer?

    I owned a1992 9700 COE, 350 hp and 9 speed trans. I pulled a reefer between Detroit, Cincy and Green Bay and was able to coax 6 mpg out of it. Having a set back front axle it was like a yard dog with a big sleeper. Every time you raised the cab everything not stowed ended up on the dash.
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    Keeping warm @ night

    I would buy a carbon monoxide detector if I had to idle (exhaust leak) or used a propane heater. Cheap insurance that could save your life!
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    Doctor shopping

    The Petro on I94 exit 333 in Racine, WI has a chiropractor that isI authorized to do CDL physicals. I haven't been there in some time but I believe the cost is $60.
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    Changing lanes, BEWARE.

    Rationale left long ago!! You used to enter a highway beyond the exit ramp but someone decided it was better to enter the highway in the deceleration lane of the exit ramp. There seems to be a lack of common sense in highway construction.
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    Why is it?

    I always wondered why British cars have the steering wheel on the right. Now I know!
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    CV head lights

    I have heard that toothpaste will clean a lens.
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    Insight on tractor mileage

    Last truck I drove was a new 2010 Freightliner Cascadia with a DD13 and 10 speed. Rode nice, quiet, plenty of storage. I only ran in and out of Chicago to Wisconsin and sometimes Iowa. I think I averaged 6.7 mpg. Not a big Freightliner fan because of their service departments and the wonderful...
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    Winter wear and tear

    Listed at $99.00 on their website using my WI zip code.
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    not all doom and gloom....:)

    I am confused here. Is it required to take a 34 hour reset every week? I understand you can only take 1 reset every 168 hours but you do have a recap to work with. At least I think you do?
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    Our Freightliner Nightmare Continues. Your Opinions, Please.

    I bought a 98 Century Select Truck from Davenport Freightliner. I had 13 months of headaches. They warrantied a head gasket only because I had it diagnosed elsewhere. Nothing else seemed to be under warranty for one reason or another. My experience with Freightliner shops would be high rates and...
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    HOS Changes Effective February 27, 2013

    If your neck measures more than 17 1/2 inches or your Body Mass Index is greater than 34 these are indicators you may have sleep apnea. At the time of my physical the nurse measured my neck holding the tape measure quite loose then told me my BMI was 37. When I calculated my BMI it was just...
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    HOS Changes Effective February 27, 2013

    I drove T/T for JB Hunt in Chicago. JB required it through the clinic they used for physicals. My Dr. could have signed a waiver if he was willing to accept responsibility should I have a accident. At the time I took that physical it was a suggested guideline and not a rule. JB just pushed it to...
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    HOS Changes Effective February 27, 2013

    When you get your required CDL physical the Dr. will ask if you snore, if you get sleepy or nap during the day, measure your neck and check your body mass index. Based on his findings you may be required to do a sleep study. Mine cost $4600 each and I had 2 plus the cost of the machine.
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    2013 "good"rates

    I was a production worker for 20 years. I was making a little more than $12 an hour when the factory closed in 1986. I was making $17 an hour in 1998 in another factory when it closed. These hourly wages do not include benefits. Both jobs were in Pittsburgh. If you look in the want ads today...
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    Cargo vans again !

    ROFL, I know it was meant in good fun.
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    Good shop experience

    When I was O/O driving T/T I used Total Fleet Service on Rt 30 in Ft Wayne, IN. Quality work and decent shop rate. They jack up the front axle when they lube. Frame Service, also in Ft Wayne, did quality work at higher shop rate.