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    apparently they had some phone issues but i just called there and its all working again.
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    Ford Transit Van Photos

    Original FORD Transit line launched in Europe in 1965 Original Mercedes Sprinter line launched in Europe in 1977 looks like its the other way around :)
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    Canada Enjoyed My Canada Day!

    testing an image placement
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    New update

    i havent noticed any lag at all using Chrome as my main browser and testing Safari and Firefox as well. wonder why it wouldnt effect me but others? i like this much better than the sliding drawer that was there before it.
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    Expedite Expo 2011 Makes The Dayton Ohio News
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    spell check on banner

    we actually check it and then send it to the customer to approve and then place it on the site. must have been at least 5 or 6 people that did not catch this. its fixed now and as Lawrence mentioned "our guy has been flogged and banished forever"
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    New Marketplace Member - ARI Legacy Sleepers

    i just wanted to introduce everyone to our newest Sponsor ARI Legacy Sleepers there are eager to service the Bentz sleepers as well as many other services. please take a minute to look at all their services in our Marketplace thanks
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    Expedite King Club

    i just wanted to let everyone know that TA will be at the Expedite Expo next week and will be able to sign you up for your Expedite King card or if you have a Road King card they will be able to immediately convert it over to an Expedite King. they will not have the card to give you at the...
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    ta expedite king rewards......

    i believe there is also some special parking involved with the Expedite King.
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    ta expedite king rewards......

    i guess i should have introduced myself as well. i handle the sales here at TA worked very hard in putting together a program that would meet the expediters needs and they will be seeing these posts or at least i will and reporting back to them. thanks for all the...
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    ta expedite king rewards......

    this is a new program and they have an Expedite King card. you need to call the number on the back to get them to send you an Expedite king card. you will not have to do this very soon but it is temporary. also even though it is a Road King card you are signed up as an Expedite King member...
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    airtabs and the expo

    hey all its Sean from the EO offices and I wanted to post some cool information i just received from Airtab.
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    UPS is now on the site

    i usually just read the info here and havent made any posts but i just noticed that UPS is now advertising on here and i was just wondering if anyone knows anything about them?