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  1. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know what kind of body/box is on this Transit?

    This thing looks well over 10k. I've never ever been stopped by DOT in my 1/2 million miles experience 06 Sprinter 158 cargo 2500. So you're saying if you run dual wheels and barely over 10k you all the sudden gotta start stopping in at scales...
  2. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know much on the status of new Biden trucking law?

    and how this will have a impact on the expedite industry?
  3. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know what kind of body/box is on this Transit?

    Needs to catch on to what aerocell is doing and make a sleek narrow box that blends into the sleeper they have. Narrow is key, no need to go wide. Keep all the lines clean and one width and more aero dynamic, some good ideas coming to the cargo van world here.
  4. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know what kind of body/box is on this Transit?

    Thanks for the tip LDB, I was able to find it here. Checking into the weight capacity and specs. Anyone know if it would work for expediting? Looks like unfortunately they only fit the transit, checking to see if they have a Sprinter 3500/4500 option...
  5. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know what kind of body/box is on this Transit?

    Also wondering how the weight capacity is kinda reminds me of a frito lay body on the Sprinter. Given the weight capacity a 16ft would be nice to have on Cargo Van 3500/4500 chassis. Definitely not as wide as a box truck cargo van but wider then standard cargo van. Might give a ring down there...
  6. T270_Dreamin

    Is this company still around..

    Wow really I remember doing a swap at TST in Woodhaven, MI years ago!
  7. T270_Dreamin

    Moving to DFW, looking for opportunites.

    Heading to Dallas after the new year, 4th largest metro area in the US. Should be some good opportunities to tap into. Looking to run to Houston/Austin/Laredo/San Antonio/OKC/Tulsa and occasionally KC and New Orleans/Memphis. Anyone know any Texas based expediters that are looking for extended...
  8. T270_Dreamin

    time at red lights stop signs left turns

    Way too much time, lights should be able to react based on keeping vehicles moving efficently and safely. I see it turn green way too late many times, sometimes when the intersection has been clear for awhile.
  9. T270_Dreamin

    Looking for someone with Sprinter Van Richmond VA

    Will be in VA near Richmond in about a week to 10 days. Where do you need the loads moved to?
  10. T270_Dreamin

    Need Sprinter Mechanic for AC repair IL/MI/OH/IN/Eastcoast?

    Have you been to Remke's yourself personally? I have heard good things about them. I'm not heading up in CT area, staying between NJ and GA. State Street in MI seems like they know a good bit, they mentioned your ac condensor issue here. I replaced mine a couple years back when I was redoing...
  11. T270_Dreamin

    Need Sprinter Mechanic for AC repair IL/MI/OH/IN/Eastcoast?

    Looking for mechanic good with T1N Sprinter to repair AC. All my AC parts were replaced recently but still can't get cold air. Replacing climate control unit Monday. Anyone else experienced AC issues on the 02-06 Sprinter?
  12. T270_Dreamin

    Mack trucks

    Yes they recently introduced a medium duty, All you would need would be a sleeper and a box. I'd be all over a Volvo medium duty class 6 if it ever hits the market. The New Hino L series looks good as well. In the meantime I'm still waiting on the 2015 Sprinter to depreciate under $15k w/ 200k...
  13. T270_Dreamin

    Looking for a hitch trailer installer, MI/OH area. Any recommendations?

    Would like to install my trailer brake controller in a couple weeks. Any recommendations that do good work for a fair price around the rust belt states? I found this place in Columbus, by doing a general search. Also Omaha/Chicago area I'll be passing through via Detroit to Columbus WVA into VA...
  14. T270_Dreamin

    Is your carrier doing anything for YOU due to the virus?

    Any $1 per mile Sprinter Type Vehicle carriers out there, please post. My Friend/landlord wants to take my Sprinter out on the road, he is door dashing now but pay isn't consistent.
  15. T270_Dreamin

    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    I don't see many guys running 2 skid vans these days. I haven't done much expediting since rates dropped off around 2015 or so but I went to a 158 Sprinter around that time.
  16. T270_Dreamin

    Big Truck Current and exdrivers of Panther, whats your opionion of them?

    They own you when their freight is on your truck, when delivered you're a free man until the next load. ;) Was making $.97 to $1 per mile when last working for them, if it increases to that rate please advise and I'll start shopping a 2015 model cargo van.
  17. T270_Dreamin

    Looking to be owner but not operator

    Who told you the economy was booming, mainstream news sources?
  18. T270_Dreamin

    Any SoCal LA based expedite companies?

    Yes we have another housing crash coming around the corner. We are clearly in a bubble. Just a matter of time and patience. Many opportunities will be in store.
  19. T270_Dreamin

    Any SoCal LA based expedite companies?

    Fusion today saying Sprinter rates are ranging from .60-.90 per mile. And Panther drivers are averaging 500-1000 miles a week and sitting.
  20. T270_Dreamin

    Any SoCal LA based expedite companies?

    Getting tired of running uship ready to go back into expedited freight. Uship rates are getting rediculously low and it takes forever to book a load waiting and waiting weeks before departure, imagine the carriers are mixing corporate freight in to be able to do it that cheap. Should be plenty...