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  1. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know much on the status of new Biden trucking law?

    and how this will have a impact on the expedite industry?
  2. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone know what kind of body/box is on this Transit?

    Also wondering how the weight capacity is kinda reminds me of a frito lay body on the Sprinter. Given the weight capacity a 16ft would be nice to have on Cargo Van 3500/4500 chassis. Definitely not as wide as a box truck cargo van but wider then standard cargo van. Might give a ring down there...
  3. T270_Dreamin

    Moving to DFW, looking for opportunites.

    Heading to Dallas after the new year, 4th largest metro area in the US. Should be some good opportunities to tap into. Looking to run to Houston/Austin/Laredo/San Antonio/OKC/Tulsa and occasionally KC and New Orleans/Memphis. Anyone know any Texas based expediters that are looking for extended...
  4. T270_Dreamin

    Need Sprinter Mechanic for AC repair IL/MI/OH/IN/Eastcoast?

    Looking for mechanic good with T1N Sprinter to repair AC. All my AC parts were replaced recently but still can't get cold air. Replacing climate control unit Monday. Anyone else experienced AC issues on the 02-06 Sprinter?
  5. T270_Dreamin

    Looking for a hitch trailer installer, MI/OH area. Any recommendations?

    Would like to install my trailer brake controller in a couple weeks. Any recommendations that do good work for a fair price around the rust belt states? I found this place in Columbus, by doing a general search. Also Omaha/Chicago area I'll be passing through via Detroit to Columbus WVA into VA...
  6. T270_Dreamin

    Any SoCal LA based expedite companies?

    Getting tired of running uship ready to go back into expedited freight. Uship rates are getting rediculously low and it takes forever to book a load waiting and waiting weeks before departure, imagine the carriers are mixing corporate freight in to be able to do it that cheap. Should be plenty...
  7. T270_Dreamin

    New Hino Redesign L6 and L7 Class 6/7 Trucks

    Any thoughts or opinions on these, they sure do look nice, I'm sure the cost is almost as much as a house!
  8. T270_Dreamin

    Anyone running a Westinghouse iGen2200 or New Yamaha EF2200iS?

    Seems like the generator market has progressed greatly from 2013 when last looking. I'm interested in both of these but leaning towards the Westinghouse iGen2200. It has a much lower price, quieter and 2 hours longer run time then the Yamaha EF2200iS.
  9. T270_Dreamin

    Frito Lay Sprinter - Is this a 16 or 18 ft box?

    Aero add-ons for box truck - Fuel Economy, Hypermiling, EcoModding News and Forum - Saw a transit Frito Lay in Atlanta the other day in the snow, boxes seem narrower then a regular box truck and longer which seems more the way I would like to go on next truck. Did a little...
  10. T270_Dreamin

    Under Sprinter Battery Box

    Posting this encase anyone might want one. Seems like a good idea to save space inside cargo area. Under vehicle battery box for Sprinter NCV3 2500 170WB and 3500 170WB | eBay
  11. T270_Dreamin

    2019 Sprinter prices staying same, going up or down?

    Went to a well stocked Sprinter dealer with 20+ vans on the lot most of the 170's seem to be around $45-50k depending on options. I was thinking to myself why spend $35k on a 2015 or 2016 model when the 2019 is around the corner and will be much better truck all around rumors that a lot of the...
  12. T270_Dreamin

    Looking for Carrier that will take on a 06 Sprinter

    Looking to get back into expediting in May this year and need a good carrier. I've decided not to invest 35k in a straight or a 15/16 Sprinter and just keep using the Sprinter that is paid off. Currently running uship part time and can move anywhere with my current ratings but it takes massive...
  13. T270_Dreamin

    20 or 22ft Box for Straight Trucks?

    Just wanted to see what the general opinion and preference was on size for box and what is your height and width preferred to run expedited freight? I really would like to consider a 20ft box in the future but I don't want to lose loads over 2ft.
  14. T270_Dreamin

    Anybody have the Bose Ride System II?

    Just saw a video and I was impressed, I hear they cost $6000! I honestly don't think I can take anymore long hauls until I change my seats :D We need to start a group buy on here soon looks like the prices gets cut in half with larger quantities. "Volvo versions of the Bose Ride system II...
  15. T270_Dreamin

    How much to convert Volvo to Straight Truck?

    Looking at something like this for the ishift and D11 engine (11-12mpg!) Any ideas what it would cost to stretch and add a 22ft box? I'm ok with smaller sleeper going for MPG and ishift as well as modern 2012. Currently have Class B CDL. 2012 VOLVO VNM64T630 2012 VOLVO VNM64T630
  16. T270_Dreamin

    Best Wash for preventing Rust Corrosion for Cargo Van?

    Looking to do a wash and I'd like to just use a self serve car wash but I don't think that will be as thorough and was wondering if any locals up in the rust belt states could chime in and share some of the tips to keeping the rust away. I think the flying J charges around $20 for a truck wash...
  17. T270_Dreamin

    Does TriState Run Sprinters to CA and what are the weekly deductions?

    Looking for a CARRIER that runs Sprinters out west from Tx or Chicago/Michigan. Tri State offering a $1 per mile, seems rare these days. What are their requirements, cdl anything special?
  18. T270_Dreamin

    Is Detroit a safe place to relocate if in right neighborhood?

    Been looking at houses in Detroit, prices are under a 100k for a decent maintained home in a decent area. I met a client who just bought one for under 20k in a ok area but I'd rather spend a little more to be surrounded around neighbors who care about their homes. Do you think Detroit is...
  19. T270_Dreamin

    Will there be Sprinter loads from Detroit/Chicago to Tx 12/27-12/30?

    Looking to get out between those dates not going to make it this week back (the 140 broke down in Chicago, no crank no start hopefully starter fixes tomorrow or neg battery cable) in time to set up for Thursday or Friday. I was wondering if there will be loads that week or not? I suppose Chicago...
  20. T270_Dreamin

    Best Power Inverter and Aux Battery available for Sprinter

    I currently have a Xantrex Prowatt 2000 and a Trojan 27-AGM Auxiliary Battery but I will be selling the sprinter that it is currently installed in and repurchasing these items or another brand similar. I was wondering if you guys had some thoughts on what works the best and is cost effective but...