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  1. runrunner

    Fake DOT Physical

    Buyer beware! Interesting,very interesting! Cops: Truckers duped by woman impersonating doctor |
  2. runrunner


    What Do the Koch Brothers Want? - Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont What do you think?
  3. runrunner

    What would war with Russia look like?

    What would a U.S.-Russia war look like? - The Week
  4. runrunner

    How did you get Started in Expediting ?

    Ok,we are learning when you started Expediting,lets hear how you got started! Myself,I applied to an ad in the Pittsburgh Press for a minimum wage job delivering bulk newspapers like Baseball Weekly for a fellow who had several Vans doing that in Western PA and Eastern Ohio. When I went in...
  5. runrunner

    Ancient Aliens?

    What if it were true? 300 Million Year Old Machinery Found In Russia |Higher Perspective
  6. runrunner

    Trillion Dollar Coin

    Some may remember this,but either way it is an interesting read,you will learn much if you take the time. Trillion dollar coin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  7. runrunner

    Sky King

    Ok you remember Gunsmoke,but do you remember Sky King? Sky King - Formula for Fear - YouTube
  8. runrunner

    Paul Mccartney's Trucker Wife

    I'm a Beatles fan,but guess at 62 I'm out of touch,cause I knew about the marriage,but didn't know who she really was. How Trucker-Girl Nancy Shevell Became Lady McCartney | The New York Observer
  9. runrunner

    A Letter frrom Queen Elizabeth To The American People

    Humor] Queen Elizabeth II letter to the US citizens The following is directed to those of you who know who you are (and possibly those of you who don't). Provided to me by another long-term member of the BBR/DSLR community. In a fit of anger her majesty Queen Elizabeth II issued the...
  10. runrunner

    Audie Murphy

    The Purple Heart Story was great to read,and it got me to thinking about our Veterans,I wonder how many young people have heard about Audie? Audie L. Murphy Memorial Website
  11. runrunner

    What load made you scratch your head?

    Post your strangest Load you know the one that made you say why would they do this? I'll start and if anyone can tell me why I would like to know. I carried racks of Letter's from Charlotte NC to NYC that were addressed and Stamped and I didn't pick them up at a post office,but from the senders...
  12. runrunner

    The truth about the Zimmerman case!

    First let me say this I believe in the right to bear arms,and I think the more people have carry permits the better. I should say responsible people. Also I believe in our justice system and I except the not guilty verdict. The jury decided not guilty on the way the case was presented to...
  13. runrunner

    FedEx CEO

    Interesting read . Frederick W. Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. runrunner

    Wrong Delivery

    This story isn't Expediter related but interesting,any way thought it was worth a chuckle! Fed-Ex sends seven pounds of pot to the wrong house |
  15. runrunner

    HazMat Woes

    When I had to renew my CDL ofcourse I had to renew my HazMat endorsement as well. The State either lost my fingerprints or sent bad copies to the FBI records center. I didn't hear from them for months so after inquiring I finally find this out and they sent me a new fingerprint form to get...
  16. runrunner

    Why the .9 on fuel prices.

    Answer to that .9 on that fuel price. Why Do Gas Prices Always End in 9/10 of a Cent?
  17. runrunner

    Again for those who don't know!

    For-Hire Carrier
  18. runrunner

    What is a Freight Broker?

    What is a Freight Broker? For those who don't already know.
  19. runrunner

    Tractor Drivers Interesting Oppurtunity I was surfing Craigslist and saw an ad,if you need work and are willing to spend time away from home for 300.00 per day check it out.
  20. runrunner

    Who fought the Civil War?

    Maybe interesting to some.