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  1. x06col

    Equipment Update

    It's been a while since I started a thread here about some of the unique Expediting equipment we have built over the years. Some examples have been followed on, mostly by Owner Operators and folks with their own Authority. Fleet owners as a rule, continued with the "cookie cutter" Expediter...
  2. x06col

    Another Military travesty

    I read a bit ago that the Commander of our Aircraft Carrier Enterprise will be/has been relieved of Command for not staying abreast of the "changing Navy culture". A shame! Seems we have some CIVILIAN bureaucrat that has not flown anything more important than a touchy feeley desk, making...
  3. x06col

    Thinking bout changing

    Deodorants that is. Was talking to a fella last nite at port Huron and he has an interesting philosophy. Seems he spent a while off the road and his wife says to him one day that she can get more done in a day than he can in 5 or 6. He confided in me that he was not sure that she can get more...
  4. x06col

    Heading out into Expediting the 13th. Any advice?

    Heading into the wild blue yonder the 13th. Any bits of wisdom for a single driver with a quad axle, 30 foot straight truck. Where to go/not to. etc?
  5. x06col


    Metro must'v found a new way to generate revenue. It's called "supply chiaign logistics". Hope it's profitable for them!!
  6. x06col

    Toyota recall

    Has anyone experienced a noticeable increase in business as a result of the recall?? Or, are they orchestrating truck load and LTL to take care of the moves?
  7. x06col

    They finally wised up

    Seems Fedup finally figgured out where the freight is these days and joined the Alliance. You sitters will have some chances to move prolly
  8. x06col

    Vegas leftovers anyone??

    In the past we rented Condos for us and our drivers and contractors at various locations during the spring break period to discuss plans for the busy period ahead, lick our wounds from the first quarter(if needed) and in general rest and recreate. Did the same thing about a year ago...
  9. x06col

    Aftermarket Parts?

    Has anyone reading tried installing aftermarket parts like cold air breather, throttle body modification, flow thru exhaust to increase HP or mileage with your pannel wagon or cube van?? If so, what provided the largest increase (if any), and what would one expect for improvement in power/mileage?
  10. x06col

    In case of a crash

    Following info may help you secure the downtime payment due you after a equipment disabling crash. Background: On 22 Aug 2004 we had a truck north bound on I55 in W Memphis, AR that was rear ended in a construction zone. The truck was loaded with equipment for delivery to a Nuclear plant in...
  11. x06col


    Was doing my last load the last couple days, and lo and behold, I used the last two pages of my log book. Kinda spooky. Had an excellent ride out there over the years. Y'all keep yer chin up, an enjoy it.
  12. x06col

    OVM wazzat you?

    I think we were fueling kinda together at the J in Blacksburg, SC. Was gonna say hi, but you disappeared.
  13. x06col

    Sign of "things to come...Maybe

    Well I see today Hilary has replaced a "Patti" with a "Maggie" as Campaign Manager. Guess thay was not any boyz near good nuff?? Imagine a Admin type female as Chief of Staff for our Military? OMG!!!! We'll just replace her with a Betty or Jane if she don't produce or gets too many killed or...
  14. x06col

    100K Buyout

    Wonder how many handy dandy 12 - 18 foot single axle camping machines will be in the mix after they get the cash?
  15. x06col

    Anybody finding any Ice anywhere???

    Just kinda wondering if any of you are in the ice? Let us know what it's like.
  16. x06col

    WOW, that wuz quick

    Kinda wanted to read what Remus had to say this time, but, the thread seems to have slipped away to cyber never-never ranch.
  17. x06col

    Wazzat you ATEAM???

    Today at the J at Checotah, OK I think I saw the ATEAM. I ran from IN to OK earlier in the week, and today picked in Muskogee, OK for a trip to Miami. Had some heavy tings on so.... decided to weigh at the J. While leaving I think I saw the TEAM at the camper pumps at the J. When I noticed...
  18. x06col

    Looking for a Driver

    As some of the readers know i'm fielding one more truck and waz looking for a driver. The last couple weeks I took it on a "shake down cruise" IN to FL to MS Gulf Coast to New England to VA and back to IN. During this time I fielded phone calls and read responses on the computer from the ad I...
  19. x06col

    Rich's Super Expediter

    Rich, I see it's for sale in the classifieds. Is it worth the 55K??
  20. x06col


    Terry, me tinkin, you tinkin, toy trucks. You need to add over ten and over twenty. Get rid da tunnel vision.