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    August 2010 locations

    Delivered to Harrisonville, NC today from Sheboygan falls, WI Have a feeling I'm not getting out of the Carolinas today.
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    August 2010 locations

    I got a load out of Saginaw, MI late Fri. afternoon for am delivery in Athens, AL. Nice part is that it took me right through Louisville so I was able to stop in the house for a quick break.
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    August 2010 locations

    I've been sitting here outside of Detroit since Tuesday. This is really starting to suck. It beats being stuck down in the hear at least.
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    Wow, I need a good Truck Stop Guide....

    Thanks for the info. You all rock! Now if I can ever get out of Michigan I'll put it to use. I've been sitting here since Tuesday. Had a load set for Sat. am to El Paso but my carrier lost it.
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    Wow, I need a good Truck Stop Guide....

    Ok, I'm new to the whole aspect of staying out on the road while Expediting. I've been doing work out of Louisville, KY for a few guys and most of it was for UPS so it payed well enough to dead head back. I just got my first taste of Michigan. I was heading back south from my stop and...
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    August 2010 locations

    Sitting in Flint waiting on a load since I dropped in Saginaw yesterday evening.
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    Honest question from a manager about driver pay

    bfeagley, I sent you a message.
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    Small-town Parking Options?

    The last time I parked in a casino parking lot they charged me 200 bucks. I had to go inside and keep cramming $20 bills into a machine till I was sick and tired, then went back to the van and slept, sure that it was all just a bad dream and when I woke up I would have all those 20s in my...
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    Our thanks to a customer that cares!

    Congrats on the load and the anniversary and that looks to be one great rig which to enjoy the country!
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    Follow Me....;) @ TJPOHIO44's World

    If you get tired of loosing or winning money on the strip you can take a day trip up to Reno. There's also one that takes you around Lake Tahoe and to an old silver mine town. Go up in the Stratosphere at night to the observation deck. The lights are amazing. Day trip to Hoover Dam and Grand...