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    ? for fleet owners

    I have a ? for Van Fleet owners.The ? is do you have a hard time putting/keeping Drivers?Do you have a big turn over?What are the longest/shortest times the drivers stay/leave.Just wondering. Thanks!
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    I Need Drivers Advice

    O.K. I have been reading the posts here for some time now and everyone has been very helpful.I have taken the advice that people have said about driving for someone before you go and buy a C/V or straight truck,however the problem is that I can't seam to get a job driving for someone or some...
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    Loads For Newbies!!!

    Trying to get started and see who I can sign on with.I have read alot of things on here and have had alot of ?s answered--However I see that some drivers of cargo vans say they have sat alot and some say they haven't. Can some of the drivers(cargo vans) of ANY and ALL the Co.s sound off as to...
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    EO University Workshop EO/expediter workshop

    I just wanted to give a short update on the Expediting Expo/Workshop.I just got back from Knoxville TN and let me just say that I had a VERY good time.This was very helpful in the fact of giving us newbies a lot of info.on what to expect in this lifestyle.From talking to the recruiters,to...
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    Who is going to Expediting EXPO ??

    Who is going to the Expediting EXPO in Knoxville this week?I for one am looking forward to it.I have a lot of ?s for a lot of people plus I hope I come away from it with a lot of info. on how the Expediting Business works.
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    Any word on 2010 Expediting Forum?Where,When,How Much?Who is going to be there?
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    Driving Schools in Chicago

    Does anyone know of any good driving schools in Chicago?I am looking to go to school and am wondering if one is better than another?Also could someone tell what to look for in a school? In these school would I learn how to--1)Know if a load is worth the money to take?Do Companies look at what...
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    New Here

    I am new here and would like to ask some questions-I have been reading a lot of the posts here and have found most very helpful-however I am confused about if I need a CDL to drive a Sprinter or cargo van. As far as the business side goes-I am not familiar with all the terms and how to know if...