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    all power generator

    Although it may sound strange, but the type of sound something makes seems to make a big difference. A rock of something of that sort struck the muffler pipe heat shield on my van and it was driving me nuts even idling at a stop light but the steady hum you hear in the truck stops fades from...
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    Honda Generators

    Besides the Honda, what else have you all had luck with? Looking to cool a cargo van and run laptop, etc... I've seen some on walmart's site, think they were called generac or something along that line for about 500 bucks. I'm not familiar with that brand though.
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    hitch receiver bumper

    The boat bumpers are a great idea! Heck, I may even start wearing those around my neck when I go out drinking! Safety first!
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    Ford E250 Super Duty enough truck for the job?

    Thanks for all the input guys! I came across a deal today that I couldn't pass up. It's virtually the same van as I mentioned earlier but it's a 2005. I got it at a steal, over 4k less than the 2007 and 109k miles so I'll run it for awhile till I can save up for an extended or one of the...
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    Ford E250 Super Duty enough truck for the job?

    I'm looking at the stats right now: Gross Vehicle Wt rating= 8900 Curb weight= 5276 It's the 4.6 engine and 44Q transmission Wheelbase is 138 in. cargo area length @ floor to seat one is 121.4
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    Ford E250 Super Duty enough truck for the job?

    I was wondering what your all's recommendations are for cargo vans. I'm looking at a 2007 E250 Super Duty right now. Being the Super Duty model it's rated to haul just under 2 tons. I would like to find an extended van but I'm just not having any luck finding one in good shape. Anyone else...
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    Cutaway cargo van vs standard cargo van

    Thanks for the reply everyone. Since my post haste post I've heard if from all sources that this wouldn't be the best business decision. I definitely want to stay away from being governed by the DOT. I'm definitely going back to my van search. I wasn't going to go "all out" at first and just...
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    Cutaway cargo van vs standard cargo van

    Well, I think I just answered my question for the most part. I called Bolt and Panther and neither take on cube vans. Anyone know if there are carriers that allow these?
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    Cutaway cargo van vs standard cargo van

    I went out shopping around for a cargo van today and came across a 2006 Ford E350 Cutaway van with a 14' box and a lift gate. Gross vehicle weight of about 11500 and it is rated to haul over 3800 pounds. They also had a 2007 chevy that was pretty similar. I was wondering what your all's...