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  1. bernieh48

    Question about OOIDA

    Can anyone in here tell me if you are a member of OOIDA and if it's worth it? Wondering if the benefits are enough to warrant the yearly cost? Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's? Thanks
  2. bernieh48

    Fun Times at Expo

    First off let me say a BIG thanks to Expediter's Online and all their hard work at the Expo! Had a blast catching up with old friends and making many many more new ones! Got to plan out our expansion in the near future adding trucks to our fleet and see all the neat products we can put in them...
  3. bernieh48

    Warning about Fleet Owners

    Just a friendly little heads up to new drivers or ones looking to go with a fleet owner or any owner for that matter. Please make sure the owner is there with you when you are picking up the truck. And make sure you have a check list you go over with him or her as to what the truck has on it and...
  4. bernieh48


    Has anyone ever heard of a fleet owner charging all his drivers a weekly fee for having a generator on the truck?
  5. bernieh48


    Hi Panther people. Just a plea for help. Just posted an ad in the classifieds looking for another owner to drive for. If anyone can help with leads please let us know. It listed under team available out of Ocala,FL. Thanks so much.
  6. bernieh48

    Great Laptop

    anyone interested in a great laptop let me know. I'm selling mine but for some reason it won't let me get on the classified area. It's a HP 17" screen Windows Vista 64 bit. Intel Centrino Duo Core. Lightscribe. Webcam. HD tv tuner. 4 gb memory upgradable to 8 gb and 320 on the hard drive. Only...
  7. bernieh48

    Tires Needed!

    Anyone know of where to get decent cheap drive tires from? 22.5's
  8. bernieh48

    Driver's Council

    For those that don't look in the Panther section in here. The voting for the Driver's Council is now open on the Owner's Web.. Thanks
  9. bernieh48

    Driver's Council Voting

    Hello everyone. The Panther Driver's Council voting is now open on the owner's web. There is a link for it on the top left corner. My name is Bernie and Allen Hall running for straight truck team in Elite Services! Thanks and happy voting. P.S. Just click on the names and it gives you...
  10. bernieh48

    Lift Axle????

    Does anyone know where to get a decent used lift axle for a straight truck at a reasonable price? Thanks
  11. bernieh48

    Panther Driver Apprec. Day

    Hello all fellow Big Cats. LOL Just a reminder for those who might have forgot. Panther is holding their annual Driver Apprec. Day on July 2nd at their Seville,OH office. There will be all kinds of games and even great kids games too. Bring the whole family and have a great time. There will be...
  12. bernieh48

    GE and Iran

    Just a quick note for those that haven't heard. As I was listening to Glen Beck's radio show on Headline News on xm radio the other night. He had a great story and segment on GE and Iran. Now first off let me say. I'm not sure if many know but GE is one of the worst customers already when it...
  13. bernieh48

    Question on DOT Physicals

    I have a question regarding DOT physicals and the handicapped? What is the guidelines if anybody knows with regards to the handicapped and what all they are still required to be able to do to pass a DOT physical? We have a tractor driver sitting next to us parked in a handicapped spot and does...
  14. bernieh48

    New Advance Policy at Panther?

    Hello just got a call from a friend who heard an inside tidbit from a dispatcher. Does anyone know if this is true? They told my friend that the council and the big wigs got together and had a meeting and that they are changing the advance things so owners can set up the advance for as much as...
  15. bernieh48

    Prayers Needed Please

    Can everyone please keep those involved in that terrible accident on the FL turnpike in their prayers. One of our fleets owners D units with Panther was involved in this. You can go to to read the story and see the pics. Please keep this driver in your prayers. She was a single...
  16. bernieh48

    Looking for info

    Hi ya'll haven't been on much lately, been really busy thank the lord. I'm looking for the 2 guys that drove the big green Century Class truck. If I remember right they are not in it anymore. If you guys are still on here please pm me I would like to talk to you about something. Thanks
  17. bernieh48

    Fav. Sports Teams?

    Let's start this forum off right and find out who everyone's favorite teams are! I'll start! Nascar= Jimmie Johnson all the way! Baseball= Atlanta Braves Hockey= Tampa Bay Lightning College Football= Florida State Seminoles ( Alumni ) NFL= San Fran 49'ers College Basketball= Syracuse...
  18. bernieh48

    Canada Canada Truck Governors

    Has anybody heard what Canada has said lately about that law they passed about govenors being required on all trucks coming into Ontario? It was suposed to be governed at something like 60mph. Just wondering if they have set a date that you have to have it by?
  19. bernieh48

    owner lease purchase

    Hi my husband and I are looking for an owner who would be willing to purchase a certain truck for us. It is one that is on and is a columbia model being sold by Scott Little field. We are a husband and wife team with 12 yrs exp. in the expediting business. We are currently on with...