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  1. Zoli

    Transit transmission

    Any of you replaced transmission in a Transit with an used one? Need computer reprograming or just ok replacing it ? Thank you .
  2. Zoli

    February 2017 locations and more

    Nobody said you lying but we all know the real numbers here. If you want to give us an accurate info you should put your rates to. Yes, with 75-80 per mile you can do 4500 miles per week, but give me the freedom to not belive you. Exactly this is my point to. With some low rates we all can run...
  3. Zoli

    He's got to be kidding....

    Yes why not? Cargo van can get 10 K mils in a good month .One more time ,for somebody without a home, 2500-3000 per month not a bad deal.Plus he can idle 24/7 :)
  4. Zoli

    He's got to be kidding....

    10 000 miles per month = $3000. I dont think is bad
  5. Zoli

    Cargo Van Anyone in Chicago?

    I hope you will find it and also I hope you have his paycheck for the last 2 weeks. Please pm me the driver name. Thx
  6. Zoli

    Cargo Van Need info concerning expedite brokers

    Since when Shelly at CIS become a broker?
  7. Zoli

    CV maintainance

    Find a good mechanic near your home and do the repairs at home . Will save a tone of money. Never step in a dealership they have huge prices. Spark plugs on Chevy I would replace every 200k miles. I would never do a tranny flush , just replace the filter and 6-7 quorts fluid every 150...
  8. Zoli

    Info/Opinions about Taylor Made Express

    Report them to the IRS?????What did they do to you to report them????Nice attitude....
  9. Zoli

    New Driver or trying to b.

    Go and drive for an owner. You dont have to have your own van.How do you want to buy a truck and run it if you have zero money?
  10. Zoli

    I Need Some Advice From CV Drivers and/or Fleet Owners

    Just for curiosity , how do you handle insurance on a rent van? Cargo and liability ?
  11. Zoli

    Frosty February 2015

    One of our vans, not me personally. we took it with 98 cents I think
  12. Zoli

    Frosty February 2015

    If the pu was from Akron..then us
  13. Zoli

    Leaving the truck for a van.

    You will be happier but with less money in your pocket. I totally understand you.But if your play your cards smart you will be ok.
  14. Zoli

    Leaving the truck for a van.

    Can you explain why the promaster is a better buy than the Transit? Thanks
  15. Zoli

    2014 Dodge ProMaster 3500 3.0 I-4 Diesel vs 2015 Ford Transit 350 I-5 3.2 Diesel

    I would go Ford with gas engine. No trust in Fiat reliability and in the Ford diesel engine...How they look? Who cares , just a work tool.
  16. Zoli

    Sprinter year

    It is the same model than the 2005?
  17. Zoli

    Sprinter year

    What is the best year(s) for a Sprinter ? Looking on reliability not mpg.Thanks
  18. Zoli

    My Driver got in Accident, carrier most likely will release.... What to do next?

    I hope things will go well. Remember rear-ending always is the rear driver fault. I had 2 accidents with 2 different drivers with Panther they disqualify both. Insurance ...From insurance probably you will get 4-5k
  19. Zoli

    My Driver got in Accident, carrier most likely will release.... What to do next?

    Panther will let the driver go 100% if he was under load. Now a big carrier I dont think will qualify the driver . Because of the accident. The insurance will pay the market value minus the 1000 deductible . If you had a lot of miles on your van you will get a small amount...