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  1. Ragman

    Owner Operator

    For the most part, loads on load boards are junk loads nobody wants to carry at toilet money losing rates. Can i suggest calling Bolt. They are known to be a good company for newbies.
  2. Ragman

    Just for Nancy P

    May as well, the rebunlicans have already had their turn shltting on America.
  3. Ragman

    Looking at box truck owner/operator career

    Just a word if advice.... Learn the business before getting your own truck. Drive for a fleet owner.
  4. Ragman

    The Trump Card...

    Ya just got to laugh......
  5. Ragman

    NFL 2020-2021

    Me thinks it's time for Matty Patty to go...... Panthers 20 - kittie kats 0
  6. Ragman

    Bring them home!

    Bring them home! God bless those that gave all, God bless the searchers, God bless The Greatest Generation, And God bless the U.S.A.
  7. Ragman

    Is it good time to start with a fleet owner?

    Yes..... I always recomend learning the business using somebody else's equiptment.
  8. Ragman

    2021 New Beginnings!

    What do you offer, as opposed to my current dispatch. Why would i want to switch?
  9. Ragman

    Is this legal??

    No, never!........nobody should ever be expected to forfeit monies earned. It is his money. Period, end of story. It is owed to him under all circumstances, including breaching a contract.
  10. Ragman

    Hello Everyone

    Just wait.... it gets worse.... JK Welcome to EO. We are a friendly bunch, imho.
  11. Ragman


    Try to remember, the "van business" is quite different than general trucking. You might want to contact CIS Commercial Insurance Solutions (CIS Truck Insurance) They specialize in expedite and the "van business".
  12. Ragman

    No fault accident.

    What good would a dash cam do? The OP said he was rear ended.
  13. Ragman

    No fault accident.

    I don't think anybody other than your lawyer can answer this. I've seen lawsuits take anywhere from a couple months up to 2 years.
  14. Ragman

    NFL 2020-2021

  15. Ragman

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to E/O. Why don't you tell us about yourself. Whare are you from? What do you drive? Etc, etc, etc. There is lots of knowledgeable people here. Ask questions, we will help if we can.
  16. Ragman

    Public shaming.... view from a liberal