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    Hino trucks..Panther said to get a Freightliner instead

    I was talking to Panther about driving for them. They told me Hino trucks had a lot of problems. Especially Electrical I actually like the ones I looked at but since I usually drive a T/T I dont know much about Hino any ideas?...are they right?
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    Expedite straight truck pay question min/max

    hello I was thinking about going into expediting..have about 3 years with CDL-A OTR 48 states tractor with 53 foot trailers. I'm looking at Panther and Express-1.. I want to buy a nice straight truck with sleeper. I have cash saved for the truck so I wont be needing to make payments.. I was...
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    Sprinter, straight truck, money, questions

    I am thinking about going the expedite route. I like time off in between runs so it does not bother me to be on the road and sitting for a while .. Also the idea of a smaller truck seems a bit more relaxed to me. I have been driving 53 foot semis for about 3 years and made some good money...