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    straight trucks without sleeper

    Is it possible to convert straight trucks without sleepers to DOT approved sleepers, without going broke. It is difficult to find expediters in my area (Florida). Are these trucks tractors with a 24' box?
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    Fleet owners that lease their trucks on with companies

    I am thinking about buying a truck that I can lease out to a company and use the company's authority. I am going to buy a straight truck, not really sure what size it will be. I just know it needs to have a DOT approved sleeper and be a newer model truck. My question is what are the pro's and...
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    Hot shot trucks and loads

    I understand what hot shot flats are, but what I are hot shot trucks? Are the our expediter trucks? straight, cargo van, etc.:confused:
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    Jumping Load boards

    Which load boards can you use to load 24 footers. Most of them want 48 to 53' trucks, or specialized: flat beds or refers. I have yet to find one that has loads for my trucks.
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    Need broker for Straight trucks out of Florida

    Does anyone know of any brokers out of Florida that find loads for straight trucks. Having trouble getting signed on with a company because of how old my trucks are. I need to move them. Since both of my trucks are dock high, I would like a broker that specializes in air freight. Any...
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    New Expediter

    I have a moving company and I am not doing much moving. I would like to try expediting; however, I have 2 (24ft) box trucks one is a 99 and the other is a 2000. Are they too old? I don't drive I have drivers, I basically run the company. What are the pitfalls? Is it even worth it?