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  1. Pro3500

    changes for 2020 good-bad?

    Another change of name and Victoria is stepping down. Rumor is Fedex wants custom critical (express) to relocate to the Tennessee headquarters. Anyone know what our name will be? If nothing else all the changes every year keeps me on my toes.
  2. Pro3500

    promaster odometer stopped counting miles

    The odometer stopped logging miles around 626,000 miles. Displayed 6 dashes in place of numbers. Sent it in to be repaired and they said there's nothing wrong with it it just won't calculate miles beyond that. Anyone have more than that showing on the odometer? He said I can set it for zero and...
  3. Pro3500

    CB antenna on roof of Promaster

    I have a CB antenna in the center of the roof on my Promaster van. Had it in 2 CB shops and the SWR is still above 2.5. It was 4.5, got it down by adding a 12" mast raising the coil 14" above the roof. I was told the roof is the absolute best spot for both transmitting and receiving. It does...
  4. Pro3500

    Cargo Van Non resident PA tax.

    Anyone paid this yet? Please be aware that Pennsylvania law now requires a withholding of 3.075 percent on non-wage Pennsylvania sourced income payments made to nonresident Pennsylvania contractors or disregarded entities/single-member LLCs who operate vehicles with a GVW below 10,001 pounds...
  5. Pro3500

    EFS card

    Any gas vans using EFS cards? Wondering if they work at the gas islands. T-Chek worked at the pump at Pilot and FlyingJ but not at loves or TA. Had to go inside first. Just wondering if I want to go with the new EFS card or not.
  6. Pro3500

    Cargo Van Espar heater

    My espar heater finally crapped out. Thankfully we were headed for home so no cold nights. I paid 150 bucks for it (used) almost 4 years ago. I serviced it once prior just for the lack of history on it. What I found this time is a plugged fuel pump filter and a plugged filter in the combustion...
  7. Pro3500

    Merry Christmas Fedex

    Merry Christmas fellow expeditors. Be safe in the new year and may we all prosper.
  8. Pro3500

    Odometer blinking

    2014 promaster, started the van my seatbelt and airbag light stayed on steady (not blinking) and the odometer is blinking. Everything is operating normally except that. Anyone experience this yet? No check engine light. Disconnected the battery for a minute or so and there still on. Disconnected...
  9. Pro3500

    Promaster plugs

    Decided on doing plugs myself this time around. Had a light come on went into limp mode. Throttle body going bad or dirty. So in I went. Not bad at all I have to say. The plugs just have 6 or 7 plastic pieces that need to come off. The throttle body I can do on the shoulder not hard at all. I...
  10. Pro3500

    Straight truck for sale

    Anyone know this truck? looking at a purchase, the miles are high. Knowing some history would help. Thanks in advance.
  11. Pro3500

    Going from B unit into straight?

    Currently have a promaster van. Thinking about buying a straight truck. Anyone made the jump from cargo van to straight? Wondering the thoughts on it. Is it just jumping from the pan into the fire? Same thing only different? Good move? not a good move? Thoughts? Ive talked with some straights on...
  12. Pro3500

    Outside brokers

    Loading brokers trucks first is getting old. In Newark NJ 6 trucks including mine. 3 when I checked in so I'm number 4. 8 loads come across one right the other all picking up same spot each one 2-4 stops. Most likely Dicks clothing stores. Excepted everyone didn't get any 8 loads!! Took a cheap...