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  1. Skyline

    Wiring project

    Having so much fun. Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  2. Skyline

    To stop or not to stop.

    I cross these "tracks" twice a day with hazmat and perform the standard stop and flashers procedure. You will note in the picture that there are no tracks, accept across the road. All the train crossing signs are still present, including road markings. All the school buses stop and follow normal...
  3. Skyline


    Anyone out there with more than 700,000 miles on their 260hp mbe engine, or 900,000 miles on their 330hp mbe engine? What is your average fuel mileage per gallon. I know their are many factors that influence fuel consumption, but we all have a general idea. Do you use more fuel during winter...
  4. Skyline

    Best place to family camp in Hocking Hills area

    Good morning, We camp around the lakes every year, but have decided to try the Hocking Hills area in Ohio in August. Can anyone recommend the best camping park in the area. I know someone on this forum must know the best spots! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Skyline

    onan question

    I have always used my truck block heater to warm my engine block/water for about two hours before starting my truck. With the harsh winter we are experiencing this winter, I am considering having my Onan generator cooling system tied into my truck engine water system, with a thermostat to...
  6. Skyline

    M2 hard start

    Here is a challenge for all. I have a Freightliner M2 106 with the 260hp Mercedes. About a year ago I started having starting problems. This happened in both warm and cold weather. I replaced filters, checked wires and did everything possible. Some tech on the internet suggested I replace the...
  7. Skyline

    your APU input please

    A new Thermoking Tripac for $9975 (installed) or a used unit with 5000 hours for $5500 (installed) with no warranty. Or maybe a slightly used Onan diesel 7500 watt with a rooftop AC and new Espar bunk heater, but what about engine heating? How adequate is an oil pan heater V. Water flow from APU...
  8. Skyline

    Freightliner or Hino

    Pretty much the same body and sleeper. Both well taken care of and in the same condition. Freightliner with Mercedes 260HP and 6 speed manual. 230 000 Miles. Privately owned and in daily use. Cash price $30 000. Hino with 260HP and 6 speed manual. 230 000 Miles. At dealer. Cash price $23...
  9. Skyline

    Advice please

    I am writing this to ask for input/advice - members, recruiters, anyone, please reply! I have a 15’ Ford E350 cube truck (almost brand new) and for the past two months I have been running expedite loads with it for a local company. (Up until recently, I was in the construction field...