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  1. Pro3500

    Fedex Custom Critical

    I would go into an owners truck first. You’ll get paid for your education and won’t be out any money. I’m not sure they are even putting on any white glove right now. I know B units are definitely not. C unit maybe??
  2. Pro3500

    Do i need Dot/mc/insurance

    No body touched this yet???? Must be to early.
  3. Pro3500

    New expedite van

    Headlights are easy to change. 6 screws unhook the wire change the bulb. Got pulled over for a blown headlight. Gave the cop all my info he said sit tight I’ll be right back. I was just closing the hood when he walked backup. It was all done.
  4. Pro3500

    New expedite van

    Look at the promaster or Ford transit over a sprinter. With freight the way it is being economical is critical. Upkeep on a sprinter can get very costly. A simple oil change can cost a fortune. Diesel fuel is higher but they get better mileage. At 65 loaded light I can average 18.5-19 highway...
  5. Pro3500

    CB antenna on roof of Promaster

    I never resolved it. I recently installed a roof top ac where the antenna was mounted. I bought a mount for side of the van but haven’t installed yet.
  6. Pro3500


    We still get geographical pay for the five boroughs. On some loads we get an extra pay for the boroughs. $51 and $50. All loads pay the $50 some pay both. $75 for Canada and $75 for hazmat. Most customers still get charged inside pu and del, weekend holiday charge and multiple stop off. I’m in a...
  7. Pro3500

    changes for 2020 good-bad?

    Another change of name and Victoria is stepping down. Rumor is Fedex wants custom critical (express) to relocate to the Tennessee headquarters. Anyone know what our name will be? If nothing else all the changes every year keeps me on my toes.
  8. Pro3500

    promaster odometer stopped counting miles

    Inside the motor. Inside the trans.
  9. Pro3500

    promaster odometer stopped counting miles

    The trans was rebuilt this summer. It’s on you tube actually. Look for 500,000 mile transmission. I just tore into the old motor to see what kind of ware it had. The bottom end is a million mile bottom I have no doubt about that. No ware on the rod or main bearings at all. Still has cross hatch...
  10. Pro3500

    promaster odometer stopped counting miles

    Now that makes sense. The damn thing is foreign to the bone lol.
  11. Pro3500

    promaster odometer stopped counting miles

    The odometer stopped logging miles around 626,000 miles. Displayed 6 dashes in place of numbers. Sent it in to be repaired and they said there's nothing wrong with it it just won't calculate miles beyond that. Anyone have more than that showing on the odometer? He said I can set it for zero and...
  12. Pro3500

    CB antenna on roof of Promaster

    I have a CB antenna in the center of the roof on my Promaster van. Had it in 2 CB shops and the SWR is still above 2.5. It was 4.5, got it down by adding a 12" mast raising the coil 14" above the roof. I was told the roof is the absolute best spot for both transmitting and receiving. It does...
  13. Pro3500

    Cargo Van Non resident PA tax.

    Fedex took monies from my settlement check for it. Just seems this a tax they should be paying not me. This should be passed on to the shippers and consignees in PA. Just keep chiseling away.
  14. Pro3500

    Cargo Van Non resident PA tax.

    Anyone paid this yet? Please be aware that Pennsylvania law now requires a withholding of 3.075 percent on non-wage Pennsylvania sourced income payments made to nonresident Pennsylvania contractors or disregarded entities/single-member LLCs who operate vehicles with a GVW below 10,001 pounds...
  15. Pro3500

    Ok it’s that time again. Which van to buy?

    I change my tranny oil around 20,000 miles give or take. I put a drain plug in the pan. One is available from Dorman with a plug. It drains about half the fluid. I do the filter at 80,000. The trans was replaced at 95,000 under warranty. Van has 594,000 on it now. I just had the trans...
  16. Pro3500

    Cargo Van Owner operator

    It’s that slow. I’m sure some are doing good maybe great, but for the most part it’s dead air.
  17. Pro3500

    Cargo Van How slow is it?

    Sad thing is there's only a few ways to stop it. The big companies need to stop feeding the rats and unfortunately regulation.
  18. Pro3500

    DOT Physicals

    Bend over and touch your toes is a yes. Duck walk is a no. Now the watermelon crawl is another thing all together. you can down load what takes place in a DOT.
  19. Pro3500

    New Freight management system

    Being in management on the lower and upper levels of big corporations it baffles me how this could get so screwed up. Taking this long and have so many problems is alarming. Leaving out critical elements, having to add back in parts that no one seemed to think were needed or had no idea were...