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  1. Skyline

    Freightliner M2 106 AC Lines??

    Also, when you remove the black plastic cap on the service valve, be careful not to break the plastic. It takes forever to remove the broken piece. Done that too! Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  2. Skyline

    Freightliner M2 106 AC Lines??

    Correct greasyshirt, and if they are looking for the recharge port, it is on the passenger side of the M2. Next to the engine by the frame rail. Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  3. Skyline

    Wiring project

    Someone "stole" the fusebox and ECM without unclipping and removing all the wire plugs. They actually just cut all the wire looms! Duh! Got the units back with the wires still attached, but lots of the wires have the same colors and numbers are faded. Should be able the start truck after one...
  4. Skyline

    Wiring project

    Thanks, once it all works I will use the new tape that shrinks with heat and some liquid. I heat shrunk the first four, but decided to wait for liftoff before sealing. Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  5. Skyline

    Wiring project

    Having so much fun. Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  6. Skyline

    Took a chance with the MBE 906

    That truck will serve you well. Drove a 260 for many years and found it to be more than adequate. It's not about speed, but constantly moving! Sent from my STV100-1 using EO Forums mobile app
  7. Skyline

    Need some thoughts please.

    I sold my fleet I had 7 years ago, for one simple reason, drivers drivers drivers. They run your business for you! Granted, there are many excellent fleet drivers out there, but buying trucks is the easy part, keeping those seats filled with reliable and caring drivers, is the x factor. As...
  8. Skyline

    Mechanical Oil leak help

    I am about to hit 1 million miles. These engines like oils with no additives and check the valve lash at least every 200 000 miles.
  9. Skyline

    Mechanical Oil leak help

    I know these engines well, but I am puzzled. Let us know when you solve the mystery.
  10. Skyline

    Mechanical Me 900 air governor

    I have dismantled these mbe's and put them back together. Know them pretty well and my current 906 is about to hit 1 million and runs beautiful! Feel free to ask any questions, I might have an answer. A good friend of mine has a shop near Chicago at 294/80 and only worked on these mbe's for...
  11. Skyline

    Mechanical Me 900 air governor

    The air governor is on the driver side of the engine next to the frame rail. Reach it from the bottom. Changing the air compressor is a life changing experience on the mbe900!
  12. Skyline

    MotorKote Lubricant

    My mistake greasytshirt. You are absolved.
  13. Skyline

    MotorKote Lubricant

    Thanks Dave. I think spending the extra money on my engine will be worth it. Thanks for the reference to the oil guy, Dan, great info.
  14. Skyline

    MotorKote Lubricant

    Seeing that greasytshirt revived this thread, let me ask this question. I have 940 000 miles on my MBE 900 (926) and have always nursed this engine and it is in tip-top shape. The last few years I have used Delvac with a gallon of Lucas, but a friend of mine, who has been a mechanic on these...
  15. Skyline

    Truck today

    I just spent 10 weeks on a dedicated run at an undisclosed location and only saw one FedEx in all that time. I did however enjoy a very quiet CB radio.
  16. Skyline

    Preparing for an Accident

    If your average monthly profit for the last 12 months was X, then that is the loss of income you sue the quilty parties insurance for. If the accident is your fault, then you have to live with what you insurance pays per day according to your agreement. Been there, done that.
  17. Skyline


    I had many problems with my M2 fuse box. Finally took it off, drilled it open and it was green as grass on the inside. Used starting fluid and a toothbrush to clean it as best as I could. Screwed it back together with self toppers and was lucky enough to never have problems again.
  18. Skyline

    To stop or not to stop.

    I cross these "tracks" twice a day with hazmat and perform the standard stop and flashers procedure. You will note in the picture that there are no tracks, accept across the road. All the train crossing signs are still present, including road markings. All the school buses stop and follow normal...
  19. Skyline

    How many trucks/commercial vehicles have you owned in your lifetime?

    Sold 8 flatbed trucks, 3 vans and three 30 ton cranes in 2009, and for the last 6 years, the happiest one man show ever.
  20. Skyline

    What is the FedEx CC Load Board?

    Off topic but relevant: five years ago I sold my gas station, auto repair and convenient store. We could not compete with the big boys anymore, because they sell their fuel at below cost and make money with their big convenient stores. No one makes money at the bottom on fuel anymore. Its...