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  1. Kip life

    Permits to drive through newyork? HELP!

    Team, I have a load going to Mass from ohio so i will driver through newyork state I have a 26,000 truck do I need any exrrq permit/permits to drive a box truck through new York?? I have apportioned plates from Tx Sent from my SM-N900T using EO Forums mobile app
  2. Kip life

    GMC Truck GMC C6C042 any good?

    Anyone knows anything about this trucks I have one I am looking at 289k miles Auto with CAT engine must be 3126b Lease maintained Any good ? Sent from my SM-N900T using EO Forums mobile app
  3. Kip life

    Factoring company?

    Team, I am looking factoring company recommendations. please help New company with 5 trucks Low volume for now No long term contracts Please help Sent from my SM-N900T using EO Forums mobile app
  4. Kip life

    Mechanical Buying a M2 truck that needs 6 injectors

    Need some advice I want to buy a used 2006 M2 cat 7 engine ,with 300k miles. The seller, said it needs injectors to be replaced . It's a cat 7 engine. Selling price 8k Please advice if you guys think it's a worthy gamble. And yes I've heard and read everything everyone says about CAT 7...
  5. Kip life

    Driving from San franciso to DFW..Any advice ?

    Guys, I am driving next week from California San franciso to DFW whats the best route ? i know I-40 is a good route but i Hear I-10 via phoenix is also good. 2-What do I realistically need - some tool box? spare hoses ? coolant ? 3- Do I Need to stop at Weight station or Keep any logs ? 4 -...
  6. Kip life

    Good deal or should I pass .?

    Hi, I am new. I am in the final phase of buying a penske truck and it's out in California . I have paid the deposit $500. The truck is a 24 ft 2004 freightliner m2 106 with 401,000 miles. It' seems to be a clean truck, got penske maintaince records since 2013 and it's never had any major...