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  1. aquitted

    Very Moving

    Budweiser commercial after 9/11 only aired once so as not to benefit from it financially from it they only wanted to acmnowledge the tragic event.
  2. aquitted

    Navy Sub

    Saw this sub and patrol boat on my boat trip in the Chesapeake Bay last week
  3. aquitted

    Coming this November

    I'm posting the link to the Official Trailer of a Documentary Produced by my sister of Pocahontas and the man who changed her life.
  4. aquitted

    Tenntrucker makes it home!

    Retired expeditor and EO member Tenntrucker made it to his Heavenly destination around 07/15/14 i just found out today. He drove for Load One and J.D. Clark. Don't know what happened but i'm sure he's doing well now.
  5. aquitted

    Happy Mothers Day!

    I hope all the Mothers are taking it easy today, Your Day. Happy Mothers Day Thanks for all you do.
  6. aquitted

    Career change in progress

    Well i'm getting out of expediting and going into the automotive tire business, i found a person with a existing company for sale and i have been doing my "due diligence" for a couple of weeks now watching the $$$ come in and go out and looking at previous years paperwork. I believe this will be...
  7. aquitted

    Meet Kaiser

    This is Kaiser half German Shepherd half Golden Retriever. He is 42 lbs and 4 mos old we rescued him from a kill shelter 2 weeks ago he's doin good now.
  8. aquitted

    Bull chick's

    Has anyone eaten at a Bull chicks resturant? i noticed they are building some here at home.
  9. aquitted

    roads of the future

    check out Solar freakin roadways Solar FREAKIN' Roadways! - YouTube
  10. aquitted

    MAY LOCATIONS Mayday Mayday Mayday

    It's may and still no sign of summer or my truck being ready.
  11. aquitted

    Hometown diner

    Anybody ever been to the Hometown diner across from the Pilot in Huntsville? Just wondering how the food is there. since i'm here.
  12. aquitted

    Overweight on steer

    At the moment I am 240 lbs overweight on a 12,000lbs steer axle, aren't I allowed a little over since I have an APU? Fuel tanks are full so I just have to burn some off.
  13. aquitted

    EO app won't load

    I have a Motorola Droid Phone and when I try to load the EO app on it it says the phone is not compatible.
  14. aquitted

    Fla TNPKE

    I know all the turnpike bandits on the fla tnpke have signs that say "No Overnite Parking" does anyone know if it is enforced? I'm in a straight.
  15. aquitted

    Hendrickson air ride front axle

    My straight truck has a hendrickson airride front axle i'm having problems with the front end of the truck bottoming out on either the axle stops or the airbag stops when hitting even a small bump. have been to a couple of shops they can't find anything wrong so I got it at a shop that...
  16. aquitted

    My Prayer

    The Words of this song sums up my prayer for life at the moment Give me revelation!
  17. aquitted

    08 sterling filter

    A friend has an 08 sterling and cant find the cab air filters (not in usual place) does anyone know where thy are on this vehicle?
  18. aquitted

    User profile service failed

    So my wife says when she types the password into the computer at home (at boot-up) it gives her this message "USER PROFILE SERVICE FAILED TO LOG ON. USER PROFILE CANNOT BE LOADED." and so the computer wont finish the boot-up. does anybody know what causes this and how to fix it?
  19. aquitted

    Fridge fuse

    Anybody know where the fuse and or breaker is located on an 07 Freightliner century class 8 for the fridge? It's not with the rest of the fuses up by the dash I checked.
  20. aquitted

    What does A Trillion dollars look like?

    I thought this was interestiing, Whats your thought on our debt now? What does one TRILLION dollars look like?