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    Penn State

    so Paternos statue being taken down, all wins from 1998 and after gone, and sanctions on the next 4 years post seasons and a $60 million fine. Paternos statue being taken down when he actually reported what was going on and no one else did anthing. unnecessary and i'd say cruel and unusual...
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    what time is it? lol

    seriously gmt? really? 130pm is stated and the sun just rose an hour ago, its 830 am. so how do i change it to my time zone so i see posts with an accurate/my time, time.
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    How is the expediting business?

    Former Panther driver, straight trucks and cargo, havent been with them for about 2 years. I would like to start again, not necessarily any specific company in mine, just want to drive. What should I be aware of these days?