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    Just wanted to share this email I got

    Hi got this email from a friend today and boy could we ( THE US) learn a lot from their Prime Minister!! Hope it doesnt take up too much space I do not know how to do links, sorry. Prime Minister John Howard - Australia Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia...
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    Looking for roaming sattelite

    Hi, any suggestions on where to find a "roaming sattelite system?" We are looking for a system that mounts on the roof of the cab/sleeper which roams finding stations while moving. I know you can go to a camper/rv dealer, just wondering if anyone has found some decent deals at other vendors...
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    Any Elite drivers getting passed by for lower pric

    Howdy, been awhile since I posted but just have a question out of curiosity... I became an Elite O/O, with a reefer, C unit. Nearly lost my shirt because of getting passed over for lower rate trucks. I was able to prove it to myself and to Panther by an oversited message on my QC offer that a...
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    Refer weight and over all weight questions

    Hello and Happy Easter weekend to all of you! We bought a refer truck with an apu etc. Had it weighed today and came up with an overall weight 24,040 empty, 11360 on the steers and 12680 on the rears. We only have two axles for now. Sooooo my question is for refer owners with no tag or...
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    How do you find a specific archive?

    Forgive my ignorance but I need to know how to go into an archive for a specific subject? Someone advised I look up the archives regarding liftgates and I am not sure how to go about doing this. Your help is really appreciated. I looked up in the faqs and found nothing and clicked on the...
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    Lift gate, Reefer Question

    Hello, need to know what size lift gates you folks that have one use for expedite? Does the deck have to be at least 48" to accomodate a full sized pallet? If not what is the popular sizes out there? Also does your pallet jack fit on the platform? I would hope so but have no experience with...
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    Panther to sell out to UPS??

    Heard a rumor today about Panther in line to sell to UPS who wants an Expedite co, similair to FECC? Anyone else heard this or is is just another BS rumor floating around?? Thanks. Dianne
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    Sprinter comments and question

    Hi, I would like to hear from any Sprinter owners if they are having a "chattering" problem with their transmissions? I have spoken with 4 owners so far who have been having the same problem and when I took it to Caldwell Dodge in Columbus the service cntr said Daimler/Chryslers suggestion was...
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    Straight Truck with Reefer/lift gate opinions plz.

    Hello Recruiters, can any of you tell me how well refer straight trucks do in your company? I am ordering one now with a refer and possibly a lift gate. I know some companies require you to haul the min of 13k lbs, others do not. I would like some feed back on earning potential, versus a...
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    Household Movers Guide Rates

    Hi I am new to this forum, and forgive me if this subject has already been discussed. I am wondering why Panther gives you a load offer and doesnt tell you up front they are using the Household movers guide program for a particular load? You find out after you have run at least part of the...