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  1. Nathanielwg

    Fedex cc vs. Panther

    I'm curious if one is better than the other any thoughts?
  2. Nathanielwg

    Help freightliner m2

    Hi I have a 2015 freightliner m2 with a Detroit diesel engine. It has the idle cutoff program where it shuts down after 20 minutes. Usually when it gets to hot out or cold though I've been able to chalk my wheels and turn off the brake and it will keep idling to keep the cabin comfortable. Well...
  3. Nathanielwg

    Partner problems

    Ok so I'm new to expediting but I am having problems with my partner and it's only like 4 days in. What do you guys suggest? I should only have to be with him for 3 weeks max because he is "training" me. After that I can go solo until my brother finishes with getting everything he needs for his...