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  1. BigBadBill

    Sylectus Trust Survey

    One of the common questions around here is what do people think about a certain company. Every quarter, Sylectus does a trust survey of the members about other members that they do business with. I'm not suggesting that this is the list you should go off of but just some added information...
  2. BigBadBill

    S/T drivers needed

    Have a fleet owner with 5 trucks that we are looking for drivers to lease onto Covenant Expedite (new division). Email me for information at [email protected]
  3. BigBadBill

    Straight Truck Pay - % or mileage

    I have always been of the mind set that percentage pay allows the O/O to share in the business and make better decisions. And that was on the truck load side. But it even seems more important with S/T's. Am I off base? What is a good percentage to run for? Are rates are better than solid...