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  1. dcalien

    Hi, Dave. Are you looking for drivers for any of your trucks? My phone number is 269 274 0547...

    Hi, Dave. Are you looking for drivers for any of your trucks? My phone number is 269 274 0547 in case you want to call me. My name is Dave Callender. My stats at Panther are flawless btw.
  2. dcalien

    1st Census Casualty

    I haven't been on this site in a long time. I wondered what I was missing. I see there are still a lot of Dicks on here. Of course there are a lot of Tom's on here too. One thing for sure, it is easy to see through all the politically correct crap about where you place the commas etc., and...
  3. dcalien

    What is the strangest load that you did as an expediter?

    6 small boxes of cosmetics Rockford,Il to Havre,Mt 2 Panes of glass for a train Pennsylvania to Prince Edward Island 4 Pars stickers from my van about 30 feet across the parking lot at the J in Gary. 4 Boxes of Bolts from Detroit Metro to airport in Indianapolis to go on a jet which was...
  4. dcalien

    Sprinter Bypass Filter Installation

    Can one of these be installed in the intestinal tract? I sure would like to go a few thousand miles without going.
  5. dcalien

    The Thread You Can Use When You Need To

    I am hiding on the Mexican border right now (Nogales). Tomorrow I will be hiding in Calexico,Ca. Don't tell anyone.
  6. dcalien

    Ontario job hunters welcome out west

    Almost every business in Saskatoon and Edmonton had signs begging for workers when I was there.
  7. dcalien

    FDCC, Panther, Tri State/Just Brokers!

    I have never been able to figure out why Panther would have done this. Your explanation makes perfect sense.
  8. dcalien

    The Thread You Can Use When You Need To

    Hey I just got another great idea on how to position myself for the good loads. Never mind.
  9. dcalien

    What Does Your Carrier OWE You?

    I try to never EXPECT anything from anyone, in order to avoid disappointment. I do wish I would be informed of policy changes that are important to my ability to earn money. I have thanked people for finding me loads before. Sometimes I don't. It is difficult to avoid becoming jaded while...
  10. dcalien

    Can You Take a Look...

    Thanks Turtle
  11. dcalien

    Job change?

    I am a pilot for Delta on the weekends. I am about to complete my online course for orthopedic surgery soon. Ya just have to be flexible.
  12. dcalien

    I really like you.

    I really like you.
  13. dcalien

    The Thread You Can Use When You Need To

    On a positive note... While waiting for a load, I have a 178 inch sleeper. I have moved up 12 positions on the board in 7 hours.
  14. dcalien

    The end of the world

    Cheer up, there is a tunnel at the end of the light. BTV charter member
  15. dcalien

    Can You Take a Look...

    Ok, I give. What is OTM? oriental time machine, over the mud
  16. dcalien

    Obey the law

    Guess it's all about the timing. :D
  17. dcalien

    NEW discount Panther van rates

    Yeah, that is why I will run to the coast. They are all over Montana too. I noticed that most of them have the prettiest girls working in them. I like girls.
  18. dcalien


    Finally something is going to be done for me and people like me. Now that is change I can believe in.
  19. dcalien

    The Thread You Can Use When You Need To

    Don't you count the inevitable destruction of the vehicle you use to expedite as a cost since it is an asset? And the maintenance? I think in terms of having to replace my Sprinter when it is no longer usable, but then again it's not like I have a business degree or anything.
  20. dcalien

    Hindsight about Expediting

    Ha, I was not thinking about Diane when I said that. I am so politically incorrect. You did not complain, so apparently you were not offended. I try to think of everything as funny so as not to start crying.