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  1. Zoli

    Transit transmission

    Any of you replaced transmission in a Transit with an used one? Need computer reprograming or just ok replacing it ? Thank you .
  2. Zoli

    Sprinter year

    What is the best year(s) for a Sprinter ? Looking on reliability not mpg.Thanks
  3. Zoli

    Cruise control install

    Hi. I would like to install a cruise control on a Ford van. Any good shop for this?Thanks
  4. Zoli


    They still in business ? Nobody answers on the phones...
  5. Zoli

    2006 Hino

    Hi. I want to buy a 2006 Hino 338 wit automatic transmission. The truck is in good shape.Has 480 kmiles. Any feedback about this model? I never had a Hino. How is the engine? Transmission? Thank you
  6. Zoli

    Question for Bolt drivers

    Hi. How is Bolt on cargo vans? What is the average amount per mile?Including fuel surcharge.
  7. Zoli

    Insurance company

    Any good insurance company beside CIS? Cargo and liability.Thanks
  8. Zoli

    Ford 2006 Diesel

    Hi. any feedback about 2006 Ford Diesel 6.0? It is as good and reliable like the 7.3?
  9. Zoli

    Bidding boards

    Do anyone know from what load board takes the smaller carriers their cargo van/sprinter loads. I know NLM or Sylectus. Panther has a small bidding board to. But it is other places to?
  10. Zoli


    Anybody knows if ceva cargo van or sprinter drivers are doing lately?
  11. Zoli

    Chevy extended or Chevy Unicell Aerocell

    Hi. It is any pro buying an Unicell Aerocell van versus a regular extended Chevy van? 2006.Rough measurements on Unicell , cargo area are width 4'1" between bins, 6'4" without bins, 11' long. 6L V8 engine. Never had an Unicell so I don't know anything about this type of vans. It is same 11 foot...
  12. Zoli

    help finding a broker

    Hi. I have a Ford E350 van currently leased with T&K. I try to find a good small broker for extra loads. I have my own cargo and liability insurance. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance. You can PM me.
  13. Zoli

    Question for Panther van drivers or owners

    Any Panther van moving this days? For us seams like time (and loads) stopped ... No meter where are you on the map.... I hope Panther is still in business...
  14. Zoli

    Ad Valorem ??

    I;m from Georgia.I had a straight truck leased with Panther .I used their IRP plate .OH plate.I was under Panther DOT. I sold the truck in GA .When the new owner wanted to register the truck the MVD officer said that I did not paid the AD VALOREM taxes in GA . My question is ,if this taxes was...
  15. Zoli


    For us the last two weeks was unusually slow. I knew that the slow period will come but I taught this will come AFTER Christmas... Today in Atlanta was 19 available Panther cargo vans. I never saw so many here.What do you think ,.will pick up this year?
  16. Zoli

    Chevy Express weight

    Hi guys. I may have a stupid question here. I have a Chevy express 2007 extended 2500. Scale weight with driver 6500 pounds. GVW 8600 pounds. So I can carry just 2100 pounds. My question is what happening if I carry more (example 3000 pounds)in conditions that the gvw remain under 10 000...
  17. Zoli

    For van lowers...

    For van lovers... far are GM and Ford ... also check the interior features . - Renault Master
  18. Zoli

    diesel injectors

    Hi guys. I may have a dump question. I;m not good on diesel engines.Freightleiner 2004 ,Mercedes engine .Bought it at 220 kmiles ,now 520 kmiles. I never changed the injectors . Engine working fine. Should I change them or just when are not working anymore. Thanks
  19. Zoli

    Straight truck price

    Hi guys . I think I will sale my only one straight truck and I will deal only with cargo vans. What do you think how can I evaluate a fair price? I tried on classifieds but I did not find approx same truck with almost same millage. It is a 2004 Freightliner M2 ,86 inch sleeper ,in good...
  20. Zoli

    Question for straigt truck owners

    Question for straight truck owners Hi I have a question for staight truck owners. My operation is based mainly on cargo vans. I have one straight truck . It is a 2004 Freightleiner M2 with the Mercedes engine. I bought it 3 years ago ,I have a great solo driver on it. So far everything was...