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    Panther is a scam.

    I was a owner for over two years at Panther and they get you comming in going with fees. Not only do they get big profits off the freight, but they like to make profits off the owners. Example I sold my last truck to a new contractor. They would not give him the rate I got until they removed the...
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    International Truck Dealers

    Beware I have had my oil cooler fixed recently and it failed, but they found a way to charge me again with out covering previous work. Recently I was charged another $2000 dollars and on the first run the fuel issue that they took care of is worse then it was before they fixed it. Stay as far as...
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    How are the Big Boys doing?

    I own three straight trucks and I am thinking about adding a tractor. I need to know how the big boys solo and team are running. How many miles are you running each week and how many reduced rate runs are offered. If you have a tractor with 53 foot dry van or flatbed you can combine three or...
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    Flat bed Straight Trucks

    Do some carriers have flat bed straight trucks? because I see one for sale on EO truck search. It's a class 8 KW for decent price for the milage on the engine.
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    Canada Canadian Laws

    All commecial vehicles must have governed speed no higher then 63 miles per hour. How many of you are going to spend the money to put gov's on your engine. Will you effect your time performance in the states heading out west where the speed limit is 75mph?
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    Panther Refers

    I was told by one of my drivers that Panther reduced rates for refer units if the load is not a refer load. The new rate is $1.25 for non refridgerated loads. Most likely because customers can demand lower prices in this market. At least we have seen our loads go up in the last few days. I...
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    For thoes who want out.

    Lets say you've had enough and you want out of the business. The only problem is you owe more on your truck then it's worth. Try doing a short sale with the bank and send them a letter of hardship. Tell them that you are going to sell the truck back because the economy is down and your not...
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    Express-One news

    They lost a major contract to a unknown bidder at this time. Check out the article it's up to 90% of their automotive business. They feel that auto freight is going to drop to 15% of their business come Febuary. Express-1 Expedited Solutions Announces Loss of Its Primary Contract Within Its...
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    Last two weeks

    How much is the lack of auto sales effecting the business? 45% lower sales over last year in the auto industry. I am lost for words when my drivers call and ask about whats going on. I am getting a bit worried about getting decent loads in these poor economic times. It's bad enough that the...
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    Not Happy with treatment at Panther.

    Board Moderator please remove I have resolved my beef. Thanks, Eric Moss
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    Who's staying out this weekend?

    I have a couple drivers that are not going to make it home this weekend. Who else is staying out? Panther just sent out a fleet message for some trucks to stay available. Does anything really move during a holiday weekend?
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    I had a team that got around 4000 miles last week and this week they will be lucky to get 1500. It's Wednesday and they have been first out since Monday on the Houston board. They delivered to Laredo TX and asked for $250 to move to Houston board over the weekend. I should have moved them to...
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    Panther Owner Web.

    24 hours of tech problems with the owner website. It's driving me nuts because my new trucks are not showing.
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    Carriers that allow mixing expedited loads with backhauls?

    Just trying to make extra money. My team has a run from Cleveland OH to Laredo TX on Monday. It's only one skid and I found another load that is a few skids going to Houston, TX. This load is paying a extra $700 dollars and can fit on my truck. I have a freezer wall in my truck that I can...
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    What months are really busy?

    I heard a few of you mention that August is a slow month. When does the freight useally pick up in volume?
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    Panther Secrets

    What percentage of loads do you miss out on if you don't have elite service qualifications and hazmat? My teams don't have either they are in D units and they are lucky to crack 3000 miles. My question is to other fleet owners who have white glove type straight trucks. In your experience how...
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    Panther's knocking at Your door.

    Try taking any time off in the Columbus Ohio area. Log yourself off and out of service and you still recieve phone calls at 3:30 am seeing if you will take a load. That happened to one of my team drivers after being out a month. Panther has called him three times in the last 24 hours about...
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    Teams Utah

    I've been trying to find a back load that will pay my team decently. They have been in Salt Lake City for over 24 hours now and there are no boards within 300 miles that have any loads going out. They have been number 3 on the board for the past 24 hours with two loads a day average going out...
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    My trucks have been busy.

    I have a team that drove 1300 miles two consective weekends in a row. They have a load going from Ohio to Texas delivering on Sat night. Amazing they did 3500 miles this week I never thought I would see that. They went from Ohio to Missouri and back to Ohio again. From there they went to...
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    Panther's Fuel Surcharge program.

    The new program is set at .37 cents a mile this week and will adjust each week on Tuesday to the National diesel index average. It's based on 8 miles per gallon straight truck and it is supose to keep fuel at $1.25 a loaded mile for straight truck owners. My thoughts: I think Panther...