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  1. mugurpe

    paccar versions of cummins medium duty engines

    I've heard a rumor that a cummins shop can't work on the px6,7,8,9 because it uses some proprietary paccar ecm interface so you can ONLY take those paccar banded cummins mills back to paccar shops, no luck getting them repaired by cummins/independant shops. Does anyone have any knowledge to...
  2. mugurpe

    truck tracking?

    does anyone have suggestion on gps truck tracking devices for small fleets? thanks in advance...
  3. mugurpe

    Seasonal work?

    Hi, I'm new here and have a couple questions. Basically, here it is: I have a small 4 truck (two 14' trucks, two 24' trucks, all under CDL) moving company located in MA. There's 2 parts to the year here for a moving company, the summer you worry about working so much it kills you, and in the...
  4. mugurpe

    Hello from boston

    Hello, I own a small moving company in Cambridge, MA. and have been lurking on this site for a while now, mostly using it to look up stuff about trucks and FMCSA compliance. It's a great site with some knowledgeable and friendly people on it. Thanks for having me. -Ezekiel